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Dark Vlad bug

By StReEt-StAlKeR#6676 May 26, 2015, 16:05:46
So Dark Vlad's Flame shock adds +1 dmg to his attack when any ally is within the LOS. The bug here is that it also adds +1 dmg per enemy that is in the LOS so there was 2 enemies and 2 allies (non summons) within the LOS and i crited doing 6 dmg but its supposed to only be 4 dmg right? Since that happened both allies and enemies that where in the LOS got wreked lol it was funny but i lost the match in the end haha. I tried this with friendly match since its the only type i do.
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Same happens with me, i don't know it is a bug or not.
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Yup, that's a bug. Flame shock should only increase his damage based on the number of allies in his range, not every target.

We will correct this bug as soon as possible.
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This bug is still in the game.
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same exact thing still happening to me, cant even play until this is fixed
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