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Luk Yook froze my team permantely

By CanOfWorms#8273 May 11, 2015, 05:14:13
nkama nickname: CanOfWorms

Date and time of encounter: 11 May 2105 around 12 noon
Your setup: PC
Game version: 0.98
Map, interface and/or figurine concerned:
oppenents Team"Luk Ylook, evanglye, amalia, yugo and di curey

My team: Qilby, adamai, steamy wonder, quentin and coa
Bug's description:

Luk hit Qilby a number of times with frozen arrow and pushed him to the edge. In My turn Qilby has a move of zero, full AP an was unable to activate any spell. From turn to turn he stayed in the same spot ans was unable to do anything. His move was 0 over subsequent turns.

Luk hit Quentin also with frozen arrow and his move went to 0 and was unable to use his spell on the following turns

This occured , from memory after Luk repelled a lifesaver. Reported in another bug but listed below for further information:

Luk Ylook used replling arrow to move the lifesaver.

The lifesafer was pushed two cells, but could not be targeted in new cell. The game thought the lifesaver was in the original cell it was deployed in.
How to reproduce:  
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