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Weird problem

By HORSA#2103 May 06, 2015, 23:18:41
I first targeted a character wit attacks from 2 Coa Gulary and did no damage. There was no obvious reason but I assumed that an unfazed was up and not showing. I attacked the same character with Lawr and did 1 damage. So not idea what could have been on the character since no additional rewards were showing. I then moved one character to an adjacent slot but it did not register in the game. It was still solidly locked on the cell I thought I had moved it from. Later, when trying to select a reward it would not let me, in fact the game froze for a while. I rebooted to see if the problem had gone away but it was on to another character. With frozen pieces and no movement allowed on some characters the game was irrelevant so I gave up at that point.
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