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Ira Tayte's Whip does 3 dmg to any krosmaters.

By GinjaaNinjaa#7459 May 02, 2015, 21:11:14
Ira Tayte's Whip does 3 dmg to all krosmaters.

It would appear that Ira's Whip attack that is supposed to only do +2 damage to creatures currently does +2 anything he attacks.
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We couldn't reproduce this bug internally. Ira Tayte seem to do only 1 damage to non-summoned mob targets, be it allied or opposing.

If you happen to find this bug again, please provide us with informations about the game (who were you playing, against who, which was the target of the spell, etc.) and show us a screenshot of the fight's log.

Thanks in advance.
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