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Online update?

By garforeto#2934 August 07, 2017, 10:50:27
Is there any clue about the new update? Idk if anyone noticed, but it's already summer! D=
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[Dewit]|2017-08-03 12:33:43
Actually, good progress has been made! While I do not have a definite release date, we're getting much closer now. 

This is latest update on it, from the the Brawl of Ice thread!
Really hope we get this update this year, if not by the end of August like promised.
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Fingers crossed! 
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is the server population in krosmaster worse than wakfu phaeris server
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i dont have a problem finding a game atleast.
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I noticed a significant slow down on player activity. Server logs out 4 times out 5 when looking for an online match.
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