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The hard-hitters are coming out!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - March 04, 2016, 14:00:00
A six pack, sound good? Warning: we're not talking about fermented bamboo milk here, but Badasses. They're available until Monday to celebrate Darkchy, the Meridia of Aggressiveness! A pack that's ready to dive into the fray and which brings together Coa Gulary, Clot the Crapulous, Shak Shaka, Emma Sacre, Goultard the Barbarian, and Yugo Unleashed! 

When two Iops, an Eliatrope, two Sacriers and the king of the Robomats form a sextuplet, it's usually not to play chamber music. Their thing is more about playing fortissimo! In honor of Darkchy, this pack is on sale in the online store for the price of 4,000 OG, until Monday, March 7.

A brief presentation...

- Honor the ancients with Coa Gulary, who hits hard up close in order to compensate for his poor mobility.
- Another veteran, Shak Shaka, who's highly resistant, has the gift of exhausting his enemies.
- Also from Season 1, Clot the Crapulous has a ferocious animal side: the more he's hurt, the more ferocious he is!
- Monkeys don't need to be taught to make faces, and Iops don't need to be taught to fight: Goultard the Barbarian is the proof!
- When we say that Emma Sacre is a Iop and that she has 12 HP, we're sure you get the idea.
- As for Yugo-Unleashed, he proves that in souls nobly born valor does not depend upon age...
To play this concerto for six major players, head to the Shop until Monday, March 7!

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Clot the Crapulous and Coa Gulary have some big boobs for men.
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Have every single of them but Yugo.. Oh well.
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