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Sharing with friends really pays off!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - February 08, 2016, 16:00:00
It’s always great when you invite friends to join you in game for a fight. But it would be even better if that brought you a nice little in-game reward... And what if you received actual Ogrines every time one of your referred friends made a real currency purchase? That is just what the new friend referral system is offering you! 
  • Become a friend referee to as many referred friends as you want
  • Have fun in game together
  • Each time one of your referred friends makes a real money purchase, you’ll earn Ogrines!

This is how the new friend referral system works, in a nutshell!

A few clicks and you and your referred friends are linked for life. Every time one of them buys subscriptions or packs of Ogrines in real currency (euros, dollars and other currencies), you will receive 10% of the value of their purchase in Ogrines, with no maximum Ogrine or time limit (since you are permanently linked). In fact, taking a 10% commission makes it a bit like you are their agent...
- If the referred friend buys a Starter Pack for 4 euros (equivalent to 2,000 Ogrines), the friend referee will receive 200 Ogrines.
- If the referred friend buys a pack of 3,000 Ogrines at 6 euros, the friend referee will receive 300 Ogrines.
The Ogrines that the friend referee receives will be account-bound and therefore cannot be used in the Kama Exchange.

Discover the new friend referral space starting right now!

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Just wanted to note that the title should say, "Sharing with friends really pays off," not "Sharring with friends really pays off." But sounds like a cool incentive.
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