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Patch note 1.8.0

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - January 13, 2016, 10:11:12

The following changes have been added with patch 1.8.0:

[h1]New Krosmasters[/h1]
Five new Krosmasters have been added to the list of playable characters:

  • Grougaloragran – Old
  • Grampy – Shopkeeper
  • Joris – Master
  • Le Chouque
  • Darkli Moon

These Krosmasters can be found in standard and Season 3 Krosboxes, created by Recycling, or added through a real-life code on the Krosmaster website.

[h1]New additions[/h1]

A daily objectives system has been added to the game!

  • Each day, 3 different objectives will be given to you randomly. These are split in three categories: general objectives, team building objectives, and Adventure mode objectives.
  • Completing one of these objectives will give you a Kroz reward. You will only need to complete 1 out of the 3 objectives to get the prize!
  • If the objectives don’t suit you, you can discard them and receive a new set of 3 in exchange (but only once per day).
  • The current objective’s list and their progression can be found in the achievement menu.

  • A menu showing your personal statistics is now available. You can access it by clicking on your Ranked Play icon, be it on the main menu or the Arena screen.
  • It is now possible to select your graphics settings. To do so, go on the Options menu, on the “Display” tab.
  • Ranked Play: players between rank 20 and 16 will no longer lose ranking points when they lose a game.

[h1]Bug fix[/h1]

  • Demonic Rewards: fixed a bug where the DR interface would not correctly display the cost of Rewards if a Krosmaster gained or lost the Crafter power during the turn.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of DR when they are given to a Krosmaster.
  • Deployment: when a Krosmaster is selected during this phase, it is now possible to cancel this selection by clicking elsewhere on the map.
  • Adventure mode: fixed a bug which prevented the tension dice interface to properly display.
  • Weekly roster: fixed a bug which prevented players to use a free Krosmaster more than once in a team if the player already owned the Krosmaster.
  • Buck Anear: his Wave of Lies spell will now correctly interact with Phaeris and Lou.
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We have just deployed a patch (1.8.2) on Krosmaster Arena. It fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed an error which caused ranked matches to fail loading or created garbled text when the install path of the game contained an accentuated character.
  • Several missing FX have been added to the newest characters.
  • Joris - Master will now trigger a visual effect every time his power is activated.

To benefit from this update, start your updater to download the patch.
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