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By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - November 15, 2015, 14:00:00
Lock your doors, hide away your precious jewels and don’t take your eyes off your Haven Bag for a second, because the Night of the Bandeads is soon upon us! Sram has given permission to several of his worst bandits to stay out late for the occasion and the Brigands Pack will be available from November 15 through 17! 


The god Sram is as famous for all the holdups, pickpocketing, assassinations and other dirty tricks he incites his disciples to carry out as he is for his insatiable need to outdo himself… in anything even remotely related to crime, of course! Also, a very long time ago, the most irreverent god the world has ever seen boasted loud and clear that he could rob every home in the World of Twelve. And all in one night, if you can believe it! In order to carry this off, he employed a stratagem that meant he didn’t even have to lift one little finger. Well, the tip of his little finger, if we’re splitting hairs… In fact, he actually summoned an army of Chafers who did all the work for him!
On the Night of the Bandeads, the scum of the Krosmoz are let loose on the World of Twelve! Find Gein, Fraktor, Oscar Kass, the Queen of Thieves and Srammy in an all-new pack.

This succulent selection of bandits will be available in your Shop from November 15 through 17, all for the price of 4,000 Ogrines!

Gotta catch ‘em all!
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not very strongth. hope more bailence
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Nothing about the huppermages??
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