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Patch note 1.6: Time for adventure

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - October 06, 2015, 10:18:26
The following changes have been made to Krosmaster Arena with patch 1.6.0:

New content

  • Adventure mode make its entrance in Krosmaster Arena!
    • Two worlds have been unlocked after Incarnam’s tutorial: Astrub and Frigost.
    • To access a new world, you must first finish the previous world’s last level. You must have finished Incarnam in order to access Astrub.
    • Every world contains different missions that must be completed with a selection of Krosmasters, different in each world.
    • Finishing a mission with a Krosmaster that has never finished it before will earn you Kroz. You can replay each mission with different Krosmasters in order to win even more Kroz!

  • Added a new Achievement system to the game.
    • Achievements will unlock with your progress in different areas: collecting, recycling, team building, climbing the ranked ladder, etc.
    • They will earn you Kroz or fragments for recycling!
    • From now on, Kroz earned by reaching a new league in ranked matches will be delivered through this system.
    • Achievements aren’t retroactive with your past actions, except achievements based on your progression in the leagues system.
    • If you have already finished the tutorial in the past, you will need to start the last Incarnam mission once more (you don’t need to finish it) to unlock the “Finish Incarnam” achievement.

  • New tutorials are available. They will guide new players around the shop and the collection menu. These tutorials will activate after finishing Incarnam, or at first connection for players which have finished it before.

  • Two new Krosmasters, coming from Krosmaster Quest, have been added to the roster: the Royal Tofu and Royal Gobbowl!


8 Krosmaster will now have the “Boss” type in addition to their existing types. We made this change for balancing reasons, and a complete explanation about it can be found in this devblog. The following figurines are affected:

  • Kitty Rage
  • Black Crow
  • Ghett Outadier
  • Yugo – Young King
  • Theo
  • Henual
  • Luk Ylook
  • Djaul

Bug fixes

  • Ranked play: icons marking your progression inside a league will now appear in the right order.
  • Summoned mobs: they don’t phase through crates anymore.
  • Desynchronization bug: in order to identify this bug, we have placed specific logs on our servers. It is very important for us that you report any instances of this bug with your logs in the Beta bugs forums. To get your logs, you must press F3 on the updater window.
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