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Patch note 0.109

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - August 04, 2015, 11:15:06

The following changes have been made to Krosmaster Arena with patch 0.109:


The recycling system is now available in game! You may now destroy your extraneous figurines to make fragments, which can be used to create figurines missing in your collection. Please read this article to discover the inner workings of this new system.

New content
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  • Reversed maps: every game map is now available in their “reversed” form (tilted at a 90° angle), doubling the number of available maps. You will play randomly on those new maps during any PvP match.

Improved content

  • Team building: a team must now contain a minimum of 3 figurines to be playable (instead of 2). The reasons for this change have been exposed in this article. Teams composed of only 2 characters must be modified before they are authorized to enter a match.
  • Shop: a new shop is available, easier to use, and containing every virtual item available on our Krosmaster website.

Bug fix

  • The “Random Challenge” mode will now correctly find opponents to fight.
  • The Alt hotkey, which show every character’s remaining HP, is working again.
  • After reconnecting to a battle, the current character is correctly selected.
  • When a Krosmaster is moved by a spell when he has 0 MP left, his position’s highlight will now correctly be updated.
  • Spells with Multiple Targets and unmodifiable range will no longer be affect by Range-decreasing effects.
  • Whenever a spell cannot be used, the tooltip will now specify the reason.
  • Buck Anear: his Wave of Lies spell can now only be used once per game (instead of once per turn).
  • Djaul: if his Black Humour spell KOs a Krosmaster, he will correctly activate the Prospecting and Wisdom powers.
  • Otomai: the bonuses given by his Potion Bag power will be correctly displayed.
  • Quentin Flush: damage dealt to himself by his Lottery spell will be correctly displayed if he loses at ‘heads or tails’ three times in a row.
  • Theo: his Wakfu Recycling power will now activate properly if his attack KOs the target.
  • Vampyro: his Ghoulification spell will correctly appear in the fight’s log.
  • Yugo – Young King: he can no longer uses his Assault Disc spell on an empty cell if he’s under the influence of Phaeris’ Protector of the Purple Claws power.
  • Yugo – Young King: if he uses his Assault Disc spell on an occupied cell, he will not teleport, and the damage will be inflicted around his current position.
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