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Nine new online Krosmaster figurines!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - May 26, 2015, 11:01:00
The physical versions of the figurines arrived in the Ankama Shop in January and now their digital counterparts are available too. The Dark Heroes, as well as Ogrest - Child and Yugo - Unleashed, are waiting for you in the online version of Krosmaster Arena! 

They’ve been long-awaited! Katar, The Black Crow, Vampyro, Kriss Krass, Djaul and Dark Vlad–with or without his mount: the infamous Dark Heroes have come to do battle in Krosmaster Arena Online!
Dreaming of taking the reins? Two options are open to you.

  • Directly online: Visit the Shop and try your luck with the Standard Krosbox*!
  • Using the physical figurines: Use the code displayed on the pack in order to unlock the digital versions.

The principle is the same for Yugo - Unleashed and Ogrest - Child. Players who own the figurines (or win them in board game tournaments) should use the code that comes with them, and others can cross their fingers and take a chance with the Standard Krosbox*, available in the Krosmaster Shop!
* When all the Season 3 figurines become available in the online game, they’ll be released in a “Season 3 Krosbox,” which you’ll be able to find in the Shop.

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Finally woot woot biggrinbiggrin 
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I second the above comment. At last we can unleash our very own rogue gallery!
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Awesome, one question though given the new rules on "unfazed" does Kriss Krass's attack work on unfazed characters or has that not been implemented yet? 
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Djaul doesn't work on unfazed, I guess it will be the same for Kriss
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The new rules of Unfazed are not yet in game. In order to do so, we have to go back on every character and attack and make sure they comply with the new rules; that's why we couldn't add it in the current patch. (No date given ragarding when it will be in-game.)
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Ok, yeah that's definitely an undertaking, just didn't want to find out the hard way by casting it on an unfazed figure and banking on that working. I'll just play around it.

Oh, a follow up question on Kriss, does his "Fraud" spell last until the end of the players turn or just until the end of Kriss's turn?
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YIPEE!!!!! DARK HEROS!!!!!!! P.s. dark vlad looks a little like percedal.
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