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World Championship 2019: all the info!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - January 17, 2020, 12:00:00

All the essential information about the World Championship 2019 are gathered in this very news. Check it out! (Updated on February 14)

After a year of tournaments, it’s now almost time for the most talented Krosmaster Arena players to fight for glory in the 2019 season’s World Championship!

We have gathered all useful information regarding the event for our contestants. Follow the guide!

Date and place

The tournament will be held during the International Game Festival (FIJ) in Cannes (France), from February 21 to 23 at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes. You can find useful information about the festival itself by checking out their official website.

Qualified players

Thanks to their performances during the past year’s tournaments, 48 players in total have been qualified for the World Championship. The qualifications have been divided as such:

  • 10 players directly qualified by the national Open tournaments: the top 2 players of the France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Brazil Open are directly qualified.
  • 23 players qualified by the QT and Open points ladder.
  • 3 players directly qualified by online tournaments: the winner of each of the 3 online tournaments on Board Game Arena are directly qualified.
  • 12 players qualified by the online points ladder.

The final list of qualified players is available below. Players who have been qualified from both the QT and Online rankings have been removed from the latter for clarity's sake. Players are invited to get in contact with Lescart to confirm their appearance at the championship.

Tournament Rules

The championship will be played on the Season format, as it is defined by the Tournament Rules. No changes to the buff/debuff list will be enacted before this tournament.

As their release is too close to the tournament, miniatures from the Gloomy Grove season will not be authorized for the World Championship (but will find their place in side-events).

A new map will be used for all games during the championship: the return of the Elemental Arena with a dimensional twist!

Click here for a bigger version.

Here are the special rules that comes with it:

  • The border of the map has been “broken” in two places, 4-cells long each. We will call this part of the map the breach.
  • During a movement action, a unit can cross for one side of the map to the other by passing through the breach, as if those cells were adjacent to each other.
  • The breach blocks line of sight.
  • Displacement effects like “Push back” cannot make you pass through the breach.
  • Whenever a unit uses the breach to go from one side of the map to the other, it receives 2 injuries.
  • At the end of its team’s turn, if a unit is adjacent to the breach AND didn’t pass through the breach this turn, it receives 2 injuries. This zone is marked with lightning on the map as a reminder.

The map will be played oriented like the picture above for the duration of the championship.

Each player must come to the championship with two Krosmaster teams, which we will call their A-team and B-team. In addition to the usual team building rules, a Krosmaster present in a team cannot be selected in the player’s other team. You will have to create to very different teams!

The first day of the championship will consist of 7 Swiss rounds. During the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th rounds, players will use their B-team; during the 2nd, 4th and 6th rounds, they will have to use their A-team.
At the end of these 7 rounds, the top 8 players will be qualified for the second day of tournament.

The second day of the championship will see the 8 remaining players compete in a double-elimination bracket. Each player can start this part with the team of their choice. However, as soon as they suffer a defeat, they will have to switch to their other team until the end of the tournament.

How to access the tournament

The Championship will be held on Saturday and Sunday, starting at around 10 AM. 

Qualified players are invited to come to the VIP access entrance as early as possible; this entrance opens at 9 AM, so be ready at 8:30 if possible. A member of the Ankama team will be there to meet your. They will distribute VIP passes to qualified players which will allow them to enter the festival early. Players will be then guided to the tournament space for their team registration and the start of the tournament. 

To avoid any delays at the VIP entrance, please respect the security and access rules featured on the festival's official page and keep a piece of personal ID available at all time.  


Every victory deserves a reward! Depending on their final ranking on this tournament, players will receive the following prizes, which are cumulative (with the exception of cash prizes): you’ll receive the rewards according to your rank as well as the ranks below!

  • For all contestants: a trophy of the event, a t-shirt of the event, and a map of the tournament.
  • Top 32: a Gloomy Grove window box (4 characters).
  • Top 16: A second, different Gloomy Grove window box and a special Top 16 t-shirt.
  • Top 8: the two remaining Gloomy Grove window boxes, for a total of 4 different window boxes and 16 characters. 
  • Top 3: a cash prize of 400€.
  • Second place: the cash prize is raised to 600€ and a special “Runner-Up” trophy.
  • First place: the cash prize is raised to 1000€ and a special World Champion trophy.


Would you like to try Krosmaster Blast for the first time? We have enough games at our disposal to offer you side-events tournaments of this new game! Please get in contact with a judge on the tournament space for more information on these tournaments. 
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