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Update of the buff/debuff list

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - July 18, 2019, 16:00:00
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The list of Krosmasters with buffed or nerfed profiles for official tournaments has been updated. Discover all the changes in this news !

Earlier this year, we have altered the profiles of some Krosmasters for competitive play, in order to make some of them less dominant and others more attractive for competitive teams. After several months of tournaments and the constructive feedback from many players, we will now make a few changes to this list in order to further balance the game. You will find them below !

Changes on HP buffs and debuffs

Among the feedback we received from our players, some said the HP buffs and debuffs were too high to be used in an efficient manner for balancing. We find these comments relevant, and as a result we have changed how these modifiers will work:

  • Stone Skin used to give +2 HP, it will now give +1 HP.
  • Iron Body used to give +4 HP, it will now give +2 HP.
  • Weakened used to give -2 HP, it will now give -1 HP.
  • Mutilated used to give -4 HP, it will now give -2 HP.  

Krosmasters affected by these modifiers have been altered as a result, on a case by case basis: they will receive the lower or higher version, depending on the desired balancing. Check below for a comprehensive list of these changes.

Debuffed Krosmasters

All names marked with a * have been changed compared to the previous list. Names marked with ** are added to this list for the first time.

Bakara** : Slow (-1 MP)

Black Crow : Clumsy (-1 AP)

Dragon Pig : Slow (-1 MP)

Djaul* : Weakened (-1 HP)

Grougalorasalar : Slow (-1 MP)

Julith* : Clumsy (-1 AP)

Khan Karkass : Slow (-1 MP)

Mint King** : Weakened (-1 HP)

No Krosmaster has been removed from this list.

With these changes, Julith will no longer have any HP reduction, and Djaul sees his own debuff go from -2 to -1 HP. On the newcomers side, Bakara will now be impeded with -1 MP while King Mint loses 1 HP with its inclusion on the list.

Buffed Krosmasters

Bworker* : Iron Body (+2 HP)

Elite Chafer* : Skillful and Stone Skin (+1 AP, +1 HP)

Le Chouque* : Iron Body (+2 HP)

Missiz Freezz : Skillful (+1 AP)

Oropo** : Haste (+1 MP)

Otomai** : Iron Body (+2 HP)

Puny Vampire** : Iron Body (+2 HP)

Remington Smisse - Mercenary* : Iron Body (+2 HP)

Royal Tofu** : Skillful and Iron Body (+1 AP, +2 HP)

Strawberry King** : Haste (+1MP)

« Wild » trait* : Stone Skin (+1 HP)

« Dreggon » trait* : Skillful and Stone Skin (+1 AP, +1 HP)

« Minotor » trait : Haste (+1 MP)

No Krosmaster has been removed from this list.

To take into account the new values for HP buffs, Bworker, Le Chouque and Remington Smisse - mercenary have been upgraded to the Iron Body buff, while Elite Chafer and the Wild family keep their Stone Skin (with one less bonus HP in total). Dreggons exchange their MP bonus for an HP one, while keeping their original AP bonus.

Among the newcomers, Otomai and the Puny Vampire inherit an important HP bonus, Oropo and the Strawberry King are now more mobile, and the Royal Tofu has been boosted with both an AP and HP buff!

These changes will be applicable in tournaments as soon as the official rules have been updated, in the next couple of days. In addition, BoardGameArena will also receive an update soon to integrate these changes directly.

Feel free to share your feedback abour these changes below. And have fun playing!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Thrasymachus

I don't have any information on changes applied to season 2, so they will stay as they are until further notice. 
See message in context
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Do you have any idea/hint what will be done with Season 2 for eternal play? It sounds like you won't be making any more eternal cards...will these buffs/debuffs eventually be applied to Season 2 as well? I can think of a few targets... smile
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I don't have any information on changes applied to season 2, so they will stay as they are until further notice. 
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yeah, eternal deck season 2 biggrin
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Dewit, you recently mentioned that you'd check if it would be possible to release printable cards from earlier seasons, since the figurines are very difficult to buy in English (especially outside of US). Any updates on that?
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This list could include powers buff like resistence, chance, armor, etc. Range buff could be include too.
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Grugalorasalar has -1mp and +1ap +1hp?
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