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[Masterpost] Up to date tournament rules

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - February 28, 2019, 16:42:22
This thread will contain all up to date rules used for Krosmaster Arena tournaments. 

Comprehensive rules

Complete rules of the game to be used by both players and judges. 

Current version: 2.7

Tournament rules

This document contains rules specific for tournaments. Contains the different seasons of miniatures, miniatures banned in tournaments, official repartition between 1, 2 and 3 stars for Eternal format, and buffs/debuffs to be applied to specific profiles. 

Current version: 5.11


In Season format, there are no longer any Boss or Ban list. In its place, some profiles see their stats buffed or debuffed in specific ways. You will find a list of these changes below. 

Debuffed Krosmasters

Bakara: Slow (-1 MP)
Black Crow: Clumsy (-1 AP)
Dragon Pig: Slow (-1 MP)
Djaul: Weakened (-1 HP)
Grougalorasalar: Slow (-1 MP)
Julith: Clumsy (-1 AP)
Khan Karkass: Slow (-1 MP)
Mint King: Weakened (-1 HP)

Buffed Krosmasters

Bworker: Iron Body (+2 HP)
Elite Chafer: Skillful and Stone Skin (+1 AP, +1 HP)
Le Chouque: Iron Body (+2 HP)
Missiz Freezz: Skillful (+1 AP)
Oropo: Haste (+1 MP)
Otomai: Iron Body (+2 HP)
Puny Vampire: Iron Body (+2 HP)
Remington Smisse - Mercenary: Iron Body (+2 HP)
Royal Tofu: Skillful and Iron Body (+1 AP, +2 HP)
Strawberry King: Haste (+1MP)

« Wild » trait: Stone Skin (+1 HP)
« Dreggon » trait: Skillful and Stone Skin (+1 AP, +1 HP)
« Minotor » trait: Haste (+1 MP)


The following miniature has received an official errata: 
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Updated the tournament guide (v5.11) to reflect the changes to the lists of buffed/debuffed Krosmasters. These list have been included inside the post as well.