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New Organized Play season

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - February 16, 2017, 16:00:00
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Almost one year went by since we made changes about the biggest Krosmaster tournaments. Now that this season is nearing its end, let’s get ready for the World Championship and the coming new season!  

Almost a year ago, we announced some important changes concerning QT and National Championships. They became a path to walk to get access to the World Championship, which as a result opened its doors to more players. It is now almost time to reap the fruits of this first season! See for yourself…


World Championship 2017

Since almost all QTs and National Championship have been played, the World Championship is around the corner. Please consult the world rankings to see all the points you have accumulated: we will announce all 48 qualified players once the last tournament of the season has been completed.

For those of you who are hanging high on the rankings, we can already announce the date and place for this highest-level tournament:

The next World Championship will be held at Este (Italia)
on June 24th and 25th

You’ve been warned, be sure to prepare your travel to meet the best of the best players!


Organized Play’s new season

When a season concludes, a new one must begin! This new year of tournaments will use most rules we’ve established last year, so here’s a summary.

Players can qualify for the World Championship 2018 by participating in major tournaments: QT (Qualifier Tournaments) and National Championships.

Each “major” country playing Krosmaster will organize during the season a total of 5 QTs and 1 National Championship (with the exception of the USA, which can organize 10 QT due to the size of their territory). These countries are: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, USA and, for the first time, Brazil.

For all countries who are not part of this short list, a major association of these countries can be allowed to organize one and only one QT, with the head of Organized Play’s approval.

QTs must be announced in advance, in the dedicated section of the forums; each country has until the end of March to give us a list of their QT. QTs must be announced at least 15 days before their date, and can be held starting March 1st.

All of these tournaments must respect the Krosmaster’s official rules issued by Ankama, which can be found here. In addition, the result of these tournaments must be sent by e-mail to [Lescart] ( a maximum of 10 days after the event was held.
If an event does not meet those criteria, it will not be accounted for and will give no points for the World Championship race.

On the player side of things, they will earn points in a specific international ladder by participating (and eventually winning) in these QT and Championships. At the end of the season, the first 48 players of this ladder will be qualified to play in the World Championship 2018!
The point distribution is as follows:
  • QT with less than 16 players:
    • 1st place: 8 points
    • 2nd place: 5 points
    • 3rd and 4th place: 3 points
    • All other contestants: 1 point
  • QT with 16 to 31 players:
    • 1st place: 12 points
    • 2nd place: 6 points
    • 3rd and 4th place: 4 points
    • From 5th to 8th place: 2 points
    • All other contestants: 1 point
  • QT with 32 to 42 players:
    • 1st place: 15 points
    • 2nd place: 8 points
    • 3rd and 4th place: 5 points
    • From 5th to 8th place: 2 points
    • All other contestants: 1 point
  • QT with 43 to 64 players:
    • 1st place: 18 points
    • 2nd place: 10 points
    • 3rd and 4th place: 6 points
    • From 5th to 8th place: 4 points
    • From 9th to 16th place: 2 points
    • All other contestants: 1 point
  • QT with 64 players or more:
    • 1st place: 21 points
    • 2nd place: 12 points
    • 3rd and 4th place: 8 points
    • From 5th to 8th place: 5 points
    • From 9th to 16th place: 3 points
    • From 17th to 32nd place: 2 points
    • All other contestants: 1 point
  • National Championships:
    • Winner: 40 points
    • Second place: 20 points
    • 3rd to 4th place: 10 points
    • 5th to 8th place: 6 points
    • 9th to 16th place: 4 points
    • 17th to 32nd place: 2 points
    • All other players: 1 point

That’s it! If you have any questions about QT’s organization, feel free to contact [Lescart] directly. Good luck everyone!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Kerbu

Technically yes, players can compete in each QT and National, if they're willing to travel. 
See message in context
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So basically thst means that french players for example need to win twice as many events as americans do in order to qualify. And the "minor" countries won't have a chance at all
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Please note that most American players cannot attend more than one qt and/or the nationals. Google up the distance between Chicago, Atlanta and Boston and then assume that you live in Seattle... with all the travelling I need to do to attend each event, is I was in europe I could attend all French, Italian and Spanish events! Please keep in mind that the extra QTs in the USA were given to allow us to even hope to compete with the europeans due to the country size and smaller player base.
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I would also advice to state that all the QT shall be played with respect to the current Boss/Ban list which is not in the rules in yhe link above
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As soon as the Boss list is updated, or any rules change really, it will be applied to all QT and tournaments of this season. 
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The tournaments in the US are small-Guaranteed to be less than 16...How do you think that Americans have it easier to qualify. It would also require plane tickets and motels no matter what.. If you look at the links for the end of the year the US finally made it to 4 players. it took 27 QT's for the US to reach what Italy, France, and Allemagne(i have no idea what this translates to) had at 16 QT's. Ultimately having fewer people qualify than those countries mentioned prior. Take a look at the link in the news article.
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As a brazillian player, I gotta say I'm excited as hell. Let's hope we can participate in enough tournaments to get them points.

@warpyarik, in other hand France has the most amount of tournament.
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Will the QTs be free for all = can French players participate in German QTs? What about Nationals?
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Technically yes, players can compete in each QT and National, if they're willing to travel. 
Alright, guys, I have received more info about the exact location of the tournament. This should help you for your travels and hotel bookings. 

The tournament will be played at this adress: 

Ex convento
via M. Francesco 2,
35042 Este (Padova)

At the same time, a small convention organised by Ghenos will happen at this adress: 

via G. Negri 9
35042 Este (Padova)

Between the two, the historic center of Este is available if you'd like to do some tourism.  

I was also given the adress of two hotels situated close to the championship's place:  

Via San Girolamo, 7/A
35042 - ESTE (PD)
Tel.: +39.0429.602223
Fax: +39.0429.3719

Viale Rimembranze,1 ESTE (PD)
Tel. (+39) 0429 600 533
Fax (+39) 0429 601 957

I hope this information will be of some use. happy
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At what date will it happen?
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Astolphe1981| March 03, 2017, 00:37:21
Pardon me Dewit but that is not fair. Players should be confined to their nation in which they participate in regularly otherwise all you're doing is encouraging the fact that those players that arrive at worlds aren't necessarily the better players, just the richer ones.

How can you take the position that it is ok for the US players to go all over the country because "Our country is bigger than yours! It's hard to travel!" earlier in the thread and then immediately turn around and say "The international players should only be allowed to play in their tiny country because otherwise richy rich gets in just due to being able to travel!"

Let's be reasonable here.
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Seriously? in a World tournament setting that is based on points to allow access to their players your'e going to defend participating in more than one National?
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I think he was trying to illustrate that participating in other countries QTs should be fair game, but Nationals have higher values, and it's a but unfair to allow the "farming" of those. Anyway. Wow. HELLO! I missed this post until today, and I'm the #2 spot on this list! Why didn't an e-mail go out? Or something?
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in a nutshell Onefivetwofive you got it.
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