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Miss painted Krosmaster Figures

By Lion-Oh-Day#4477 May 09, 2015, 20:32:37
Hey guys I figured since I have an ever growing Krosmaster collection It'd be fun to show you all the miss painted figures i've gotten. It's 12 in total out of 29 figures. That's almost half of my figures have some mistake on them. However I don't really mind most of them are only noticeable by looking at their card and some I think look BETTER!Let me know if you think they're actually miss painted or share your own flawed

Kros.12. Raul Bak

This one has no apparent flaw but I think the skin on this one seems kinda pink. But I can’t tell if it's just how it’s suppose to look. :T weird pink little guy.

11. Fern Sock’em

Her clothes seem more orange than the ones in the picture. Like highlighter orange.

10. Deminoball

Once again don’t know if this is really a mistake but his skin seems too light.

9. Hazwonarm

Now we get into the actual mistakes. Besides the gold name. His underpants are unpainted and remain green. Same with his eye patch. His sword hilt and belt also appear to not have been painted red. ( And check out that gold base ;D )

8. Boomba

His sword hilt looks a bit off but more importantly his stitching is not painted brown. Unlike in Hazwonarm the lack of paint just makes him look poorly made.

7. Kassius Kaos

His eyes don’t have their black dots. His hair and other red details also seem more dull than in his picture.

6. Bad Aboum

This is probably the worst piece quality wise. His gun is missing the brown circle. His bomb is missing some of the details. His skull isn’t as wight. Not to mention You can see where the pach on his hat.

5. Kanniball Jav

His spear is black instead of brown. I kinda dig this one though. ( But it did have some paint chipping, or rubbing? )

4. King of the Gobballs

Look at that toothless grin. Such a silly mistake X)

3. Bill Tell

His skin color is a little off, he’s way too yellow. But more importantly he’s derping real hard.

2. Lil Healey

The staff seems off color in the picture. Way more importantly I think she did something with her hair, did she get a dye job? Well it looks good Lil Healey.

1. Kanniball Andchain

Andchain has decided to ditch his old brown staff and belt and instead switched to a nice blue. I actually think the blue makes it look better since it’s adding more color to the figure.
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All those figures look normal to me, all the renders and stuff you might see on like krosfinder are quite different from the actual figures.

yes even the king of gobballs, every one ive seen has no teeth!
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Now I did not know that.

Hm that kinda bums me out. Here I was thinking I just had a fluke figure, instead the figures are just poorly made. :T
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Hi, everyone. I'm new in this game and just played a few games with my brothers. Now I'm hooked in this gamebiggrin. What attracted me the most are the painted figures. Though I agree some figures are mispainted. I would like to ask if anyone here has tried to repaint the figures? I used a water based acrylic from games workshop to re-touch the eye of Elogio and it seems OK. I do miniature painting because I collect warhammer and warmachine/hordes. I'm loving this gamebiggrin.
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