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Krosmaster events from this past weekend!

By -sinow-#3961 September 07, 2014, 20:09:18
Had a great time over the past weekend at two Krosmaster events over the past weekend in the Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL areas and figured I'd share some photos!

We had a tournament for newer players on Friday as since I've got totally hooked, I figured I'd drag a few of my friends down into the hole with me =D we did a partial draft and everyone had a great time! Definitely have a few new Krosmasters in the ranks. Winner got a copy of the base game and everyone went home with the figures they drafted.

Click here

We also trekked down to the Chicago area on Saturday to join some of the fellas from the Chicago Area Krosmaster Players. Definitely looking forward to joining them in for more events soon!

Click here

Hopefully we'll see some more of you guys out that way next time!
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Hey, glad to have you and your friends join the family! Just a few things about terminology, krosmasters is what we call the playable characters, the players themselves are not the krosmasters, we like to call ourselves krosmonauts. Its not important but i figure you want to use the right lingo, i know i would. You picked a great time to start playing too, a bunch of awesome stuff is about to come out this holiday season!
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in the first link there is more beer than krosmaster ! ahahhah biggrin
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