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US may never see Worlds play again

By swtchbldbndt#6925 February 26, 2016, 21:25:14
This new system with the tournaments and CMON's lack of drive to be involved past the minimum are going to kill this game in the US. Winning a nationals won't even get a player enough points to play in worlds, and CMON has announced they are not going to be holding any extra tournaments, just the few sparse regionals and then Nationals 2 months earlier than last year at Gencon 2016.

This will decidedly kill the competitive scene in the US. One because it is an unfair system where smaller countries get all the coverage they can because they are hosted by Ankama and not CMON who seems to not care if their country gets to represent themselves in worlds. Two, because the change in licensing, CMON has had to rush all of their schedules with little to no regard to the actual player base, while waiting for Ankama to reply with their schedule. When Japanime would consult with the players first to see if they could make the correct tournaments to qualify, even go to the lengths of setting up tournaments where there weren't even big events/cons being held, example being New Orleans Regionals in 2015. There were no special things going on, just a Krosmaster Arena Regionals tournament at a local game shop so that they could spread out the awareness of the game and allow more people to be able to qualify for Nationals and possibly Worlds.

When CMON has stated they will be doing no tournaments outside of conventions this year. Leaving a very small window for those who want to actually play competitively this year, due to their low amount of tournaments, only being held at conventions, and the new point system introduced by Ankama that has a ridiculous advantage towards smaller countries.

Before you start making advanced systems for the WORLD to even qualify to compete in your game, you may want to make sure your license holders actually plan on working to make adequate schedules to allow as many players as you can to compete. Not alienate an entire country, one of the largest I might add, from your game because they aren't even allowed to try to complete your base requirement.
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I too have my reservations, since I am itching to throw my hat in the competition to get to worlds, but Dewit clearly said that Ankama is talking about a possible solution behind closed doors on this and before we get too worked up, let's wait to see what they say. smile 
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