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Looking for Resin Tokens

By KrizKraz78#6054 August 22, 2016, 03:18:44
Looking for resin summon or terrain tokens.

Season 1 Bombs
Season 1 Dolls
Season 1 Terrain
Dark Heroes Summons
Season 2 Summons
Season 3 Summons
Piwate Terrain

Please send PM.
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Looking for resin tokens too. Mostly the summon tokens, but would be happy with the terrain tokens too.
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Here are at least some of them for sale. Ankamas French store, but they ship to USA. Just use Google translate if you are not sure how to checkout,

Click here

Click here

Tofu + Gobbal:
Click here
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Season 2, Season 3 and Piwate's Island resin token were given as prizes in the 4Fun events, and the only way to get them is by playing at the events (more funny way) or buying from people that owns them.

Dark Heroes resin token are not yet in distribution... They should come out as prizes in 4Fun events with the next tournament season.

For Season 1 dolls, bombs, trap, creatures and terrains (both Arena 1.0 and Frigost Expansion) they are aviable to buy in packs, directly from Ankama's site (just like the good GinjaaNinjaa said).

Have a nice game! Matt.
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New place to get all the tokens your heart desires.

Japanime blowout sale.

Click here
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