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is it possible to use multiples of the same figurine ?

By magulsreturn#7745 December 13, 2012, 14:19:16
Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use the same figurine (if one has several of them) more then once in the same team?
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It is possible. I had some enemies with multiples of the same figurine.
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thx for the swift reply
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there are some restrictions though, for balance reasons i guess

for example you cant use 2x Di Curey but 2x Jems Blond is no problem.
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I also use 2 Lil Healy sometime,for me it's more to long as a summary lvl of your figurine team is not over 12 you can even use 5-6 figurine to fight
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This thread is a little old, but I figure a proper explanation is in order in case someone ever has the same question.

On each Krosmaster card is the character's name, and the text for their name will be written either in White, Gold, or Black lettering. The lettering is used to denote which type of character, and how many copies you may have on one team. They are as follows:

Gold - Legendary Characters, you may only have 1 copy of that character on your team.
White - Normal Characters, you may have up to 2 copies of that character on your team.
Black - Multiman (or Sidekick) Characters, you may have up to 3 copies of that character on your team.

Additionally, some Krosmaster characters have special class/race types. Examples are things like "Brotherhood of Tofu" for the Wakfu cast, or "Vigilante" for many of the Multiman characters. Among them is a subtype called "Boss", and that one also has a restriction. On your entire team, you may only have 1 character with the "Boss" subtype. That means your team can't have both Count Harebourg and Count Frigost since they are both bosses.

Hopefully that clears up any and all confusion.
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