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Krosmaster Beta Starting on Board Games Arena!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - May 09, 2018, 17:00:00

The new version of Krosmaster Arena online is coming to you on Board Game Arena! We need your help to make the game the best game possible, so join us for the beta starting on May 9!

Starting this Wednesday, May 9, you'll be able to test out the beta of Krosmaster Arena on its new platform: the Board Game Arena (BGA) website. We talked about it in detail in an article in Gamakna No. 7. If you haven't read the article yet, now's the time!

This beta currently includes a selection of the most recent figurines: the 8 Krosmasters from the KMA 2.0 box and the figurines from seasons 4 and 5, with the exception of the Boufbowl figurines. The game is still in development and other game elements will be added before the final release.

How to Register

To play this version of the game, you must create an account on the Board Game Arena website. Click on this link to do so.

IMPORTANT! As announced in the Gamakna article, we intend to transfer the figurines you already have in your Ankama account to BGA once the beta is complete. In order for that to be possible, it is imperative that your Board Game Arena account have the same email address as your Ankama account!

You can verify your Ankama account email in your profile. Make sure you choose your email carefully when you create your account. If you already have a BGA account using a different email address, you change change it on the BGA account interface so that it matches the one from Ankama. 

A separate news will be released later in order to explain you all about the figurines transfer. You understand that the most important aspect is to match your Ankama and BGA e-mail addresses!  

Once you've created an account, you'll be able to play; you won't need to install anything else. All you need to do is find "Krosmaster Arena" in the list of available games. To make it easier, we've created a short guide on starting your first game, available here!

A Word from the Developers

The Board Game Arena development team wanted to share a message with you before you jump feet first into this beta version. Please take a moment to read it here:

Dear beta testers,

Thanks for volunteering for this beta testing phase of the new online adaptation of Krosmaster Arena!

This introduction is a little bit long but is very important to understand what you are going to see.

Adapting Krosmaster Arena is an unusual job for us at Board Game Arena (BGA), since a digital adaptation already exists for this game. This deserves an explanation about what is this new adaptation, and what it isn't.

At Board Game Arena, our main objective is to allow players to discover and love board games, to allow them to find opponents anytime, and to organize the online competitions for the different games.

To do this, we are building adaptations which are very close to the original physical board games. Our main focus is on respecting the rules with efficiency, readability & ergonomics. In a few words: we are used to say that we do not create "video games", our adaptations look like the real board games.

Krosmaster Arena adaptation is not an exception to this approach. And this is a good news, because Ankama would like to have a more simple and straightforward adaptation for the game (some may say "more core gamers oriented", although it is not really the case).

This is the reason why this adaptation is in 2D - top view. This view is by far the most readable format for this game. As you know, with Krosmaster, moving distances, ranges and lines of sight are very important, and it is way much convenient to see all of this in 2D than in 3D.

This is also the reason why we chose to display the Krosmasters cards on screen. These cards are an important part of the game, and having the cards will allow you to get the feeling of a real Krosmaster physical game.


But the most important (and most exciting) thing we have to say is the following: to make this adaptation a success, we need you!

A very important thing to understand about BGA is that we are community-based. An important part of the players are helping us for development, moderation, testing, translations or the animation of the website. This is something that really matters to us, since it allows us to make sure the service fits the players needs and wishes.

This is going to be even more true for Krosmaster Arena. We are passionate gamers and we adapted almost 140 games online, but we are not Krosmaster experts. And as you well know, Krosmaster contains a lot (really, a lot) of characters, effects, combinations.... and this is exactly why we need you.

To make sure this new adaptation of Krosmaster is the one you need, we decided to launch the beta test even while the adaptation has not been finalized yet. To make things clear, all characters / boards are not available, all game modes are not available, and the most important: we have not been able to test EVERYTHING.

The idea of this beta testing phase is the following: we'd like to get your comments as soon as possible to change things as soon as possible if needed, and of course to track and fix the bugs which are impossible to avoid with a complex game like this one. As a consequence, this is a unique chance for the Krosmaster Community to participate directly to the development process of an adaptation to make it as great as you want it to be.

"A great power comes with great responsibilities", so we ask you to be tolerant and kindhearted during this beta test, as we all know that this adaptation is still not perfect and will need our collective time and attention to get better and better. We want a great and stable BGA adaptation for Krosmaster, and in exchange of your help we will provide all the needed effort to do it and introduce new game stuff little by little.


Practical things:

  • If you find a bug / have a suggestion, you can report it there:!bugs
  • You may also, at the same place, vote for most annoying bugs and smartest suggestions.

A big thank you in advance for all of you who are going to help us with their precious feedback.



The BGA team.


We'd like to offer them a huge thank you for their efforts!

We have also created a special section in the forums so you can talk about this version of the game with other players. You'll find it right here. Please use the link provided by the BGA team above for any bug reports so that they can be handled efficiently.

We're impatiently looking forward to your feedback. Thank you all for participating, and have fun!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to GinjaaNinjaa

Julith needs testing as much as anyone else. We put the entire seasons 4 and 5 as they were the most recent, while formats, ban lists and other will be added later. 

As for posting, there was a mishap in the forums rights; try to disconnect and reconnect from the forums, and you guys should be able to post. 
See message in context
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Oh I really hope this will be good.....
waited to long for an actually working online version.
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Score : 295
You've been promissing to fix online for two years. Do you really believe that this version is what your fans have been waiting for so long?
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Score : 144
Lets see how its plays out. Like that its back on Browser so its possible to play on any PC again. And didn´t know there was a Webpage like Boardgamearena looks good maybe I will play some other games there too.
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Score : 17
this is so fucking senseless, already having a awesome game in steam and shit, just needing an update and regreting to BGA. RLY POINTLESS
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Soooo basically Ankama handing us off to 3rd party cuz they can't be bothered and don't give an ecaflip. AND from that statement from BGA it means we are starting from scratch for bugs, testing etc. This is rich. But hey like I said earlier, at least BGA might actually give a crap. I mean they are being PAID to give a crap, but it's more than Ankama has shown us for years.

Dear Tot, we were willing to pay a monthly fee for a good updated version of Krosmasters. Instead you decided to offload that responsibility to BGA. Now that monthly money you COULD have had will be going to BGA.
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Score : 1025
Uh, I've been waiting to play this game again for like...3 years.
I don't know about y'all but I'm excited.
Yeah, it doesn't have nearly the flair that the Steam version has, but I'd rather have an up to date platform than a super flashy one that never gets attention.
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If you have played the old 2d version before they decided to bite off more than they can chew with the 3d version I think you might understand where others are coming from. This is classic Ankama scapegoating, truth be told I'm actually surprised they bothered to give us anything. While the shift is better than nothing compared to what we had before this truly is the BARE minimum amount of effort for a fanbase that helped make them and this game what it is today.
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Dewitt Said : " We have also created a special section in the forums so you can talk about this version of the game with other players. You'll find it right here. "

Annnd there's no new post button. Glad to see in my absence nothing has changed. Carry on.
Since I can't post feedback there I'll put it here. I tried the BGA version. As I expected, it's total garbage compared to what we had before. I was hopeful, but man-o-man is it bad. No one who has played the old versions could ever like this. This is officially for testing purposes only. Was never a big fan of the 3d version, a return to the 2d version would have been great. This is not that in ANY way shape or form. This is a 100% fumble on the handoff by Ankama.

Oh and guess what? Obviously in beta there are a limited number of figures available at the moment. But guess who they decided to go ahead and include despite her being banned. Yep Julith, and guess who everyone is using on their teams? Yep you guessed it. Julith. Geez Ankama, you let Julith destroy the online game once already and then the beta you tried to start up again and then you go and do the SAME thing again? Sure include her later on for "Fun" (not-fun) , but not beta testing. (face-palm)

The BGA version is a painful, travesty to use as it is, why on earth would I want to subject myself to a whole new round of Julith torture. I am so frickin done.

To Tot, Nuuh, Dewit, everyone at Ankama you are all beyond hopeless.

I'm out.
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Julith needs testing as much as anyone else. We put the entire seasons 4 and 5 as they were the most recent, while formats, ban lists and other will be added later. 

As for posting, there was a mishap in the forums rights; try to disconnect and reconnect from the forums, and you guys should be able to post. 
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I tested the BGA Version before i read any comments that were posted here to give it a chance. Clearly it's not done yet since it's only the beta BUT: it is not even close to the lovely game that we had here. All of the Krosmaster feeling is gone since you tried to make it a normal game with normal figurines (well.. they don't even have figurines right now - instand there are just pictures.. - boring). The BGA version has nothing in common with what Krosmaster feels like and that really is a pity.
I haven't played the earlier 2D version but i liked the 3D version a lot. I do unterstand that not everyone is into cute anime graphics, but you should have solved this 'issue' in a different way. Also: what about the single player mode? I enjoyed playing those adventures, especially because you can't play the actual boardgame on your own. 

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First of all; why can't I create a new post anywhere on these forums?

Now; is this supposed to replace the current game that we have?
Is this game even alive anymore?
As far as I can see there hasn't been an update on this game since 2016. That's 2 years without an update. That is bad news.

From a very quick skirmish through these forums I have gathered that the game is not very balanced, the team that worked on Krosmasters moved to work on Krosmaga, though I'm not sure if they returned from there, so what's really going on? Has this game been completely abandoned?

Is this another case of Dofus Arena? Where the game is just left on life support, leaving the playerbase to dwindle until Ankama decides to finally pull the plug?

What has happened here? And what's going to happen in the future?
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Can we just bring back the old browser theme with new updates?
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How could you fail Krosmaster this bad? Holy smokes Ankama, you have iPad version of this and still no players to play? It`s real gold you have on your hands and you can`t get anything out of this. You can`t concentrate on online and get your own place on the market and it`s your fault. I know this for sure because it`s the same company that got rights for Dofus back in Russia and actively killed it`s only server. Who`s managing you? Maybe it`s time to fire this guy?

Also existing client suffers from poor design choices, but that`s minor and fixable. Maybe better tutorial would help? Maybe actually working on the game would help? I know you were busy with krosmaga, but it`s not doing really well either, read the forums. Oh, I get it, you found a new project so you can abandon another one? What is it, Tofu Golf Grand Tour 2020? I`d prefer krosmaster updates, thank you.

And I don`t know what you expected. You deserved all this criticism and you can`t shame me with "OOOOH WE TRIED HAAAARD AND SPEWING YOUR ANGER WONT DO YOU ANY GOOD WE HAVE FEELINGS TOOO". You can do whatever you want with the game obviously and my posts will never change anything. But it`s our place for it, so eat it up. If you think I am disrespectful, well, I am. But I think I have all rights for this, because it`s only in response to the treatment we`re getting. 

Dewit, btw, can you contact Dofus team and ask `em to delete russian language out of the game? This abominable mishmash of untranslated and mistranslated text shouldn`t exist. 
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I think the deal is here: Ankama either refuses to believe or awknowledge that their game balance issues either existed or had a negative impact on their game's popularity. Those of us who actually enjoy and play the game have been warning them for a long time that OP characters were ruining game play. New players getting eaten up by Tentpole teams, and of late Julith Tentpole teams drove away new players, and created mind numbing boredom on the players who actually wanted to remain active. Eventually the playerbase dwindled to nothing.

Sadly, had they just balanced the figures there was more than enough diversity in figures that the game should have remained popular and grew.

Unfortunately what I suspect has happened is Ankama is bull-headedly refusing to realize it was the game balance that did this, (which is totally and relatively easily fixable). ATTN: Ankama League or Legends does regular balancing updates to ensure this sort of thing does not happen to their game. A small amount of "Caring about actual game play balance" goes a really long way in keeping/growing a games popularity. But Ankama made up excuses for not wanting to fix the bad balance issue. So they refuse to acknowledge that that is the problem, and I imaging they think their game is just "Bad" which is why it's popularity has dropped to nearly nothing. So they don't want to put any more money into it. So we get the lame Board Game Arena treatment, which if that costs Ankama anything I suspect will also go away.
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Well, Krosmaster used to be a part of Dofus and Wakfu and as far as I know it`s not today. Back in the days you could play a match of Krosmaster while idling in your fav MMO and get rewards for playng. It could live long life even without rebalance if you always had access to it from Dofus. Funny how Wakfu box drops made me play it, so it helped Wakfu in a way, lol. But it`s been left to live it`s own life and this is how all Ankama`s side projects die. 

You can and probably will disagree, but balance issues isn`t the worst thing ever happen to Krosmaster. See, great things on it`s own have compete with everything else and it`s not fair competition. To be a winner in a race you need to have following qualities:

1)Player Friendly
- not the case, at all. I remember my struggle to get into it FULLY. I started to play only for Dofus rewards and I were confused AF. How? What? Uh? Oh well, I earned a token, I can stop playing this mess. If you ever met a new player you know what I mean - this ppl have ZERO clue about what is going on! Very little time to think also doesn`t help. You almost have no time to think, maybe it`s coz I am "returning" player, but new players have it way harder I think. And it`s with all that crazy amount of things you have to calculate, predict, concider, look at and etc. 
And you know what else? Demonic rewards, kamas and GG. This game isn`t just "uneasy" to pickup, it`s straight up don`t want you to play it. 

2)Have players to play with
You can`t play it solo. Playerbase isn`t a quality that you can get by being a nice game coz most ppl that would try it would drop it. Especially true with Krosmaster since it`s one of the hardest game to pick up, at least in my eyes. Maybe it`s coz there is no learning curve? At all? Well, if Ankama were capable in marketing and it`s f****** not, that would just make their efforts leff effective, but you can`t make it less effective if it`s nonexistant. Also a reason why Dofus is almost exclusively played by french, despite having appealing graphics, deep gameplay, and lots more. There is no trying, there is no work. Don`t know how they`re not bankrupt yet.

3)Updates, support and communication between devs and us
Yeah, you at least have to pretend to care

A lot of things to list and I can`t think of all of them.

And I just can`t think of anything that Ankama did right about Krosmaster. Except ingame client for Krosmaster. That`s it. And it`s scrapped. Krosmaster fails everywhere and balancing issues isn`t that big of a problem when you think about it in a context of all mistakes Ankama did. Who thought it would be great idea to make offline Krosmaster to be primary over online version and then release a f****** iPad port? Just why, Ankama? What`s wrong with you? And Foosninja, you STILL think it`s balance issues? Yeah, to a degree, but this game were doomed to fail and it`s Ankama`s fault. Also why there is solo mode, but done so poorly I can`t make myself to play it? Why  interface so bad? Why I can`t see a whole card at my collection? Why collection page is such a mess? 

And ninja, you can`t make it popular with just a tweeks, you`ll need major update, a rework. Like GG system, or removing CRITS as built-in ability. Rework all level 1s, fix 2s and 3s, make 4s viable at least (oh i know one viable option, thnx Ankama), make 5s playable and 6s balanced. Shit ton of work to do in my opinion. I used to have a thread about adding second season, lol. I said it`s too much, work on what you already have. But they couldn`t, it`s tabletop and you, player, can eat a.. 
I know it would totally work with just a tweeks coz it`s not all about having balance and strats only in figurines. Oh, yeah, that`s the point - the way you play matters more than a figurine you playing. Krosmaster had something to conquer ppl hearts around the world, Ankama didn`t let it happen.

If you need me to explain any of things I mentioned, I`ll gladly do. I wasn`t perfect, I know, but I still want to make my point clear.
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Oh its sad that iconic look of Krosmaster Online go away. New one lookin cheap and not impressive, but its only beta, but i dont assume much will happen to bring some nice look to BGA version.
We waited for update and fixes but nothing happen bc Ankama probably planned decision to lunch game on BGA many months ago.
At least on BGA version we will have access to newest figurines, and mb now game will recive more attention.

And wait "transfer a figurines"? So we are moved into BGA page and now without krosspoint system or anything will be pushed to buy figurines to extend our collection? I thought that u want to make this game welcoming new players and thats why u posted on BGA... I have all 1st, almost all 2nd and half of 3rd and 4th season figurines but new player will get discouraged quickly. I know u wanna earn money on selling krossboxes but how we will gain krosmasters for BGA?
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what about if you used your steam account? Will it still transfer?
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Score : 20
please update game,and fix bugs, please update
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Score : 20
BGA is so bad, I don't wanna play in bga, We just wanna play in app, we spend so many money on this game and time,hope it's better and better. So please do right things is update new versions app and fix bugs,please update!
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Score : 43
时隔几个月 我发现OL版本不仅没有得到更新 竟然直接倒闭 被挂到BGA上了。我可以猜得到krosmaster不如krosmaga还有你们即将出品的waven能够为你们赚取更多的利润,所以你们索性关闭它。竟然还厚着脸皮把这一举动归为“一切为玩家考虑”。
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BGA version is so ugly that I can't stand playing there. I wish the 3D one still existed. I loved being able to play against AI. It took the pressure off of worrying about another person's play-style expectations. Seems like a company with good ideas, but poor support. Dead game. RIP sad
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