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Season 2 figurines

By murilorocha#1243 September 28, 2014, 09:56:05
So the new season comes and I wanted to get all the new figurines, was getting ready to spend lots of kamas for them in wakfu and farm to try to drop krosboxes. But then I discovered that you need to buy a real figurine in order to get it into the game, got frustrated. I live in Brasil, I have no interest for the real life figurines and just want to get the new figurines in the game.. I wanted to have fun playing the new characters and maybe get higher ranks, but now I won't be able to do that and not even try the new figurines. There really won't be any other way to obtain them virtually?
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I'd second this, is there no chance of any of the new season 2 figurines showing up in the Krosmaster Shop? I was hoping some of the Kros I'd saved taking out terrible players with Merc + friends could be used to buy some figures that would mean I didn't have to get really lucky to win those games.
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i got a pack of new figs but cannot find the in game code
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That should be in the box of the figurines.
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TheJimmy - The game codes can be in many different places depending on which box of figures you got. Here are the locations to look:
Check the inside top flap of the box (on individual figure boxes)
Check the side of the clear plastic form the figure was in.
Check the game map/poster included in the box. The sticker is on these in some cases.
For big boxed sets like the Arena game and Frigost check the back of the rule book.

In all these cases you are looking for a white sticker.with about a 12 or 16 digit (I can't remember which) alpha numeric number on it. It's pretty obvious what it is when you see it. Most of the stickers are about an inch and half wide by an inch high, though some of the stickers on rule books are not as tall.
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