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A fun game with a horrible illness: Ankama.

By TommyTrouble#3500 March 25, 2013, 21:10:03
Krosmaster is currently languishing and quickly losing it's appeal due to the unbelievable delays of releasing all the season 1 characters, as well as the Demonic Rewards system being implemented late (not active yet online). Demonic Rewards are an additional and vital aspect of the game, giving instant, temporary, or permanent buffs to figurines for the cost of some of the gameboard Kamas you have collected in any given match. (the permanent buffs take the form of "equipment" you can place on figurines)

Lacking both a full set of figurines to choose from, and the Demonic Rewards is bad enough, but...

Then there's the Great Nox and Klor OFILE Plague. Currently it's the most powerful grouping, and almost impossible to counter, even with an opposing team for the same 3 characters. The number 1 player, Astragal is using it, and even first time or Unranked players are being seen with this set of figurines now. It's possible there are bots playing, too (or at least a lot of folks with gibberish alphabet and number soup names)

With nearly everyone using the Nox/Klor/Klor and whatever teams, there is little fun and an overwhelming sense of futility and anger from players of every community, and the game languishes, and is hardly considered worth playing. I still love it, but every time I see that team, I want to scream.

Play at the risk of your own happiness.
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Every tabletop games I've come across suffers from overpowered cards/figures from time to time, give Ankama a little time to work on the issues, Krosmaster has huge potential to become successful, if you don't like the game then quit playing, but don't try to kill the game because of it.

The table top version is currently receiving alot of attention and backings on KickStarter is a testament to that. The playerbase will eventually take over, and if a certain combo is being over-abused it will be banned from tourneys. Ankama is doing great by taking this game over to the actual table top format, which will keep the game alive longer and make it more popular, unlike Dofus Arena or Gowbowl.

At least give them sometime to work on the issues first.
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It's pretty easy to add some code to balance the figurines online, or at least to communicate that such balancing is going to be implemented soon.
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I agree Ankama fails on the communication part in this regards. But balancing Klor is harder than it sounds. Because the online version is the same as table top game, that means all the physical figurines and cards will need to be pulled off the shelf, financially it is simply not viable for such a new game.its simple enough to add a few lines of code to increase the cost of Klor to 3 or 4, but how about all the cards that were printed alreay? Think of Magic the Gathering, OP cards are not modified per say, they are Banned from tourneys or managed by player base themselves.

The way to deal with the OP Klor + Nox team is not about changing their skills/attributes, rather by implementing more rules and more tourney types. Ankama has a lot to learn from other tabletop games.
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What im wondering is how they didnt realize it was a problem BEFORE or during the card printing.
2 stars, yet has more mp and hp than most 3 star characters with the same amount of AP.
An AoE attack that decreases mp AND a summon with 2 hp, an amount that makes most figure with 3 stars, have to waste their turn to kill it, assuming no crits nor blocks. That alone makes her as strong than the higher level sadida figure.
Even on paper you see something wrong.

They should just pretend it was a misprint, typo or something. It sure feels like it was because she is comparable to some level 4 figures. Comparable to figures twice her level, and you can have 2 for that same price.

It just feels that those are way too many things to overlook.
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Table top format is a new venture for Ankama, I'm not surprised they overlooked on the issue, or simply don't have the expertise to do enough playtest on the figurines before public release. I am hopeful with time and release of more figurines, solutions to this OP issue can be found.

A great attraction to table top format is the experimentation of different decks/teams to counter each other. Even if we have one or two OP figurines, this can be countered by the release of counter cards to deal with it.

what ankama need to do now, aside from next expansion release, is to refine how matches are constructed, as well as have a long term plan to release figurines that can effectively counter each other. In essence, Ankama need to move away from the influence of DOFUS and WAKFU and really look at how other popular table top games are designed and balanced.
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