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[QT] [FR] Lyon - 23/07/2016

Von Flytech#1465 06. Juni 2016 12:23:14
Hello, Good evening,

The association "Au hasard Du Dé" is happy to welcome you for the QT of Lyonn

Date: on Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Place: building Lacordaire, 70 bis kicks of the Flight of steps OULLINS 69600 (Suburb inhabitant of Lyon)

GPS coordinates: 45.7100094, 4.8100511

Internet price: 12€ (participation + accommodation(hosting) + 1 soft drink) for the payment thank you for crossing by paypal on the address and to specify QT Lyon thank you. If you wish to pay before and not by internet you can send me a check, send a MP. Deadline on June 15th.

On-the-spot price: 15€ (participation + accommodation(hosting) + 1 soft drink)

Map: CDM on 2016 or CDF on 2015

Format: S1 S1/2/3 2 + boss list + list proclamation + Papycha Papycha/Joris/Grougal Joris ( S4) + S4 (so taken(brought) out) and Darklimoon (so enough spread(broadcasted))

Open snack " Zombway " from 8 am till 7 pm in the room. (Sandwiches, pizzas, drinks, coffees, beers, etc.) Quiz night of tray(plateau) on Friday and Saturdays evenings, give your games(sets)! (See World Poker Tour Oullins so enough world)

PRACTICAL INFORMATION Close park Lyon Perrache, possible Shuttle on Fridays evenings. (Contact me) Since Park Lyon Part Dieu, direct subway Subway Parks of Oullins, terminus lines B (then 5 min on foot) Access exit(release) highway A7 La Mulatière. Pizzeria - Quick - Kebab - KFC-Subway close to the room. Oullins hotel Formule 1 in 5 minutes of the room. Bell tower Oullins (possible preferential rates if reservation in advance) in 5 minutes of the room.

Fitness gym at arrangement(measure) of the players to sleep and take a shower on Friday and Saturdays evenings (plan the down(sleeping bag)).
To have an overview of the entrance(entry), googles map is your friend!

information as for the progress of the tournament:

The room can receive 80 players, the reservations are compulsory and pass by my Ankabox or via my Facebook (Ludovic Morgat). I shall need your
Names / First names / Pen names / N°KMA.

I shall confirm you your registrations(inscriptions) and this topic will be kept up to date with the pre-registered.

For inscription it's here

I know it's a fast and not good transcription but i don't have enough time for that.

I'm sorry

See you later.

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