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Pink FleeFlee and Summon rule doubt.

Par AluisioCSantos#5552 05 Février 2018 - 18:19:27

Excuse moi, je ne parle pas français!
But the french forum is the best for this kind of things.
It was recently brought to my attention a doubt - This isn't well explained in the manuals or CR as far as I've seen, so I'll start with the question that was made to me:
"If I have a Pink Fleeflee, if I try summoning Grampy - Shopkeeper's Fleeflee, will that work?"

From what I know, you can't due to the Summon rule. But then he asked about the opposite.
Can I summon Fleeflee.. and then summon Pink Fleeflee?

In my opinion, the answer was yes, because Pink Fleeflee is a Demonic Reward of the Boost class, and is not a spell, therefore, has no summoning limitations - which is also different from Rogue Bad RD, which is an equipment, that gives me a spell with a summoning limit of (2). 

For example, if I'm playing Vampyro and have 4 Ghouls in play, I can therefore, summon a Pink Fleeflee in addition to my ghouls, but I can never use Rogue Bad's Bomb spell unless I have only one Ghoul in play.

So other people in the community were still in doubt, as nothing of that is clarifyed in any official krosmaster document, so here I am hoping for an official statement or a better, enlightened opinion.

Thanks for your time,

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You re right.
Grampy can t summon if you already have a pink fleeflee due to his summon limit (1)

On the other hand, the demonic reward don t have limite, so you can always summon it, no matter the number of other summon on the board

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Thanks a lot, that's very reassuring smile

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seconding that answer, your reasoning is correct

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Cool, thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

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