It’s time for some changes around here! We have a brand new homepage, a newsfeed, and we reorganized the tabs a little. Come and see what has changed! 

2014 is going to be a great year for Krosmaster, and we are off to a good start with this new home page. Practical, informative, and filled to the brim with news.

Speaking of news, you probably have noticed the newsfeed who got the lion’s share of this new homepage (that’s a lot of “news” in one sentence!). You can now see all of what’s happening with Krosmaster at a glance. Furthermore, our rotating banner will bring the most important bulletins to your eyes: just click on the banner, and you will directly get to the news.  

We also have slightly changed and categorized our tabs, in order to be more relevant to your game experience. We will now work with three big categories:
  • Figurine game: this section is dedicated to Krosmaster as a table top board game. News about figurines and special offers will go here.
  • Online game: this part is all about playing Krosmaster online, be it directly from your browser or using our MMO games Dofus and Wakfu as a starting point.
  • Organized play: and this one is talking about meeting your opponent face to face for a battle. Player finder, tournaments, special events, everything will go here!
News will be classified with that separation in mind. You can click on the little icons on the top right of the news feed to filter the news to your convenience.

You will also find, on our new homepage, an activity track to find shops and events near your location, a direct link to our social media pages (Facebook, twitter and Google+), and a space where you can enter your code to redeem your online figurines.
“But wait! Where’s the Leaderboard ?!” you might ask. Well, don’t panic, it’s still here, but is has been moved around to leave more space for the newsfeed. To access it, go to the Online game tab, and then Leaderboard. It’s as simple as that.
We hope you will enjoy your stay on our new website. See you soon!