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Last week, we were unveiling the young and hip Eliatropes. Let’s have a last look at them before the old and cranky Enutrofs take their place!

Last week is over, but another week begins! This time, we will show you a couple Eliatropes, and have a look back at those Foggernauts turrets we keep hearing about…

Our tournament is now over! Thanks to all of you, you have played a lot of games this week! And now, it's time for us to unveil who are the best players... Are you one of the three winners who gets a virtual Terminatot figurine?

For a week already, we have given you spoilers about Krosmaster Season 2, and we won’t stop here! Let’s have a look back to those previous spoilers (with new informations), and kick off the Foggernaut’s week…

Starting right now, and until March 7th 9 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST, every victory counts! Win as much as you can and might win some virtual Terminatot figurines! The greatest victories are achieved through hard work, so get ready and play now! 

Warm up your screen, prepare your mouse and get ready: between February 28th and March 7th, participate in our special Krosmaster Arena online tournament, and you might win some virtual Terminatot figurines!

Starting tomorrow, a rain of spoilers will pour on our pages! If you can solve our twice-weekly puzzle on our Facebook page, you will be rewarded with Season 2 character’s stats. And to start things up, we will even give you a double dose of spoilers this week!

Shaking up the Forum January 24, 2014

Yesterday, we changed the home page of our website. Today, we continue this trend, with a rework of our forums! Why don't you take a look around while the pain is still fresh?

It’s time for some changes around here! We have a brand new homepage, a newsfeed, and we reorganized the tabs a little. Come and see what has changed! 

The “Ankama Convention” land of ultimate fan of Ankama, is making its come back May 2nd 2014 in Lille, France! 3 days of madness with 2 unforgettable evenings, get ready for a moment in history!

For its annual ranking, BoardGameGeek nominated the expansion Frigost of Krosmaster Arena in three categories: "Expansion", "Family & Children Games" and "Fantasy Games." Help us vote and make Krosmaster Arena one of the "20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2014"!

International recognition for "Krosmaster: Arena", which has been for a few days in the Top 10 of the 2013 Best Board Games at Game Informer, which is a famous American monthly video game magazine. "Kosmaster: Arena" was also featured along other big names in Science Fiction and Video Games in their tabletop versions!

Krosmaster is now live on Twitter! To get your fresh news at any time of the day, or ask us any short question you might have, there’s only one place to go: our brand new Twitter @Krosmaster_EN!

About a month ago, our partners at Japanime Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Frigost expansion for Krosmaster Arena to the US. And today, the campaign ended… on a resounding success!