[Nuuh] is still preparing his National Championship, and this week, he will share with you the work he achieved on his own team! 


Nice to see you for part two of my French Championship preparations (part one is [here]).

If you remember, at the end of that article, I was hesitating between three team profiles. In the end, I went with:

Persee Phore + Khan Karkass + Raspberry King + Lemon King + Missiz Burnzz + Snoowolf + Moe Lawr + Mike Locke

The total initiative is 35, which is satisfactory.

This team is based on three main lines:

  • Disposable characters. No one character is indispensable to the team's operations, and losing some is to be expected.
  • Missiz Burnzz's fire armor. Combined with the first point, it lets me take a very aggressive stance and make good use of losing characters.
  • Khan's tricks, which let me push a character that is faster in the timeline during Turn 1 while giving him +1 MP in Turn 2. This allows Khan to move a slower character in Turn 2 so that Turn 2 becomes very aggressive with 2 characters able to advance far into the opposing side.

Nevertheless, the team has several flaws, and you must always try to understand weaknesses and offset them as best you can…

After several games with another player, we thought that the Lemon King didn't up the pressure enough on the left flank. And this left flank didn't necessarily need the Lemon King's protection, thanks to the natural obstacles there.

The King was doing a good job, of course, but we wanted more!

So, I revised the start to give the team new advantages.

Here's the result.

Regarding placement specifics, you can notice that we killed Blue Raspberry Jelly.

 We did this to add new tricks to the team: dislodging characters hiding behind the tree on the right flank in T2 or Jerry's push. This makes Snoowolf more interesting because he'll have a target nearby that he can line up with.

Of course, that's not possible if our opponent chooses to manage our Lemon Jelly, or if we do it ourselves.

If the Jelly isn't eliminated by the opponent, we can still use the situation to our advantage: We'll use the pressure from Lemon summons to outflank the opponent.

This central position makes the Lemon King more valuable, lets us occupy the space much more strongly in the center – using summons as obstacles in the opponent's area should never be underestimated.

 It is relatively easy for the Lemon King to move to the right side of the field from this position in T1, or to the left, in order to oppress the opposing team on the most useful side of the map.

 Many characters in the meta do not like losing an attack on a Jelly to open a path for an ally.

This opening seemed satisfactory and relatively flexible, and corresponded well to one of the ways I play.

But we needed to make sure we hadn't missed an alternative.

I tried Marline; I was counting heavily on this character to control AP strongly against the opposing team combined with Mike Locke. I was hoping that the "push back 2" that her position provided and the Khan Karkass would offset the short range. It wasn't the case, and players who played very cautiously forced me to wring my brain to get Marline into position for even one attack.

After the games with Marline, my feeling was that a character with a longer range could give me a different way of playing this core team.

The character that seemed most promising after talking about it with other players was the Chafer Archer. He allowed me a more aggressive stance and less control. However, he'd be easy to play, could reach far on the map, and he would – his real advantage – put constant pressure on my opponent as soon as he had equipment providing +1 AP.

The two teams share the same start. One of the big differences is that the Chafer Archer can provide 1 in attack during T1 (to spots with cross areas of effect), even before the opponent has played. That always ups the pressure to some extent.

What do you think? Do you prefer the Lemon team or the Chafer Archer team?

What other character do you think could take the Lemon King's place, and what advantages do you see to that?

For my part, I'm still undecided, and your opinions could help me decide. :)

See you in two weeks to talk about Boufbowl!