[Nuuh] is back with his devblogs, and this time, he will tell you about the training he's having for the French nationals! 

Hi, everyone!

I want to take the opportunity of this Devblog to announce that I'm entering the Krosmaster French Championship as a player. I'll be paying out of my own pocket, using my collection or figurines lent to me, and I'll be trying to go all the way and win it!

I will explain my decision in the rest of this article. I also want to let you know how I'm preparing for the event, the teams I want to try, the teams that concern me, etc. I'll try to share as much as I can with you.

Getting back up to speed


For those of you who don't know, I was a very active Krosmaster player in the first two years after the game came out.

 I used to take part in tournaments all over France, playing with various teams I created and/or helped to popularize, such as Capox (Captain Amakna + Nox), Speedy Goultard (Double Srammy + Goultard + Double Coa Gulary), and the famous Ninbox (Yugo + Cleome + Luk Ylook + 5 level 1s).

When I joined the Krosmaster Game Design team, I gave up Krosmaster tournaments. One of the assets I brought to the team was in-depth knowledge of how the game is played in tournaments, what really works, etc.

Three and half years later and the metagame has changed a lot. We have made lots of updates to try and ensure the game doesn't get too complicated, and I'm very happy with the results. However, the meta that defines the game has changed a lot, and I feel I need to start playing tournaments again, especially challenging tournaments. I need to become a tournament player again and to stretch myself to gain a better understanding of the meta.

A love affair


I'll be honest, it's also for another reason: I simply love the game. I love playing with other enthusiasts, I love talking about it after matches, and I especially love getting my butt kicked by better players. It makes me want to play even more.

Because the French Championship is moving to an Open format from next year, I really wanted to take part in this latest version in this format, and who knows, maybe win the Championship? After all, who doesn't dream of that?



I'm going to try and share how I'm preparing for the tournament. I like to be daring and to try things that differentiate me from other players.

After scouring the Internet and chatting with other players, I liked the look of a certain synergy:

A core team of Persee Phore + Khan + Ko-Fang + Burnzz looked promising.

And then it clicked: I could play a flood team with just level 2 characters or lower. I like to feel I'm using a strategy that others aren't or very rarely using, and a team with max level 2 characters gives me that feeling (rightly or wrongly).

I therefore started with this team for my first preparation tournament:

  • Persee Phore
  • Khan Karkass
  • Raspberry King
  • Lemon King
  • Missiz Burnzz
  • Moe Lawr
  • Ko-Fang the White
  • Mike Locke

I prepared my placement like this after my first round:

With Persee Phore who has +1MP for the next round, and Burnzz's armor.

I learned several things from the first tournament:

  • The concept works, but can be improved.
  • Persee Phore does most of the work, so I need to adapt the team to either send KoFang more often, which could be interesting, or replace Ko-Fang for another role.
  • I need to take the initiative.

I'm currently working on three strategies to improve.

  1. Replace Ko-Fang with a Snoowolf. For placement, put the Snoowolf at A and Missiz Burnzz at B. I gain 1 Initiative and can put more emphasis on Persee Phore's traps and movement.
  2. Focus on placement to be more agressive. Replace Persee Phore with a Cleome, put Missiz Burnzz at B and Grougaloragran at A. This is the most violent strategy.
  3. Focus more on Ko-Fang and replace Persee Phore with a Groarg Gamel, which would not take away the front-line attack role away from Ko-Fang but would instead help him more in this role.

I'm going to try out these various strategies and I'll update you in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, feel free to send me your thoughts on these teams :)