The Beta server has just been launched on Krosmaster Arena online! We’re counting on your help to find any bugs before the final release!

To access the beta, you must first download the Beta launcher by clicking here for the PC version, and clicking here for the Mac version. Once the game is installed, you can connect to the game with your usual account and start playing as usual. All figurines will be credited automatically to your account in order to test properly. (Don’t use your IRL codes on the beta yet – keep them for the final release!)

Your feedback is very important for us. We have created three topics in the online section of the forums: the first one for technical issues, a second one for gameplay bugs (if a Krosmaster or spell doesn’t function like it should), and a third one for general discussion. Please focus your feedback into these 3 topics so we can easily browse them.

If new patches or corrections are added to the beta, we will keep you updated here directly. Thanks in advance for your help!