Wild Realms has revealed all its secrets… All, except one! The triumphant return of Missiz Freezz, the Krosmaster the communty's been waiting for, will be accompanied by a surprise… and a fiery one at that!

Over recent weeks, you've been able to discover the Krosmasters of Wild Realms, first of all on our site, then on our Facebook page. Today, there's only one profile left to reveal, that you've probably been awaiting for quite some time…

Missiz Freezz, because that's the one we're talking about, was originally created to confront Merkator in the first Duel Pack. However, she was ultimately replaced by Captain Amakna in the final pack, in order to better highlight the "Vigilante" theme prevailing in the Krosmoz. 

All of that would have just been a one-off anecdote if a certain image, showing the original Duel Pack, hadn't found its way to the internet. What's more, in following Krosmaster packs, a (fake) Missiz Freezz card was used to explain the rules to players. So who was this Krosmaster? Does she really exist somewhere? Where is that figurine hidden? And so was born the legend of Missiz Freezz…

After a long wait, Missiz Freezz is finding her place in the collection. Her original model hasn't changed (it started out a success!), but her game abilities have been changed quite a bit, and… You're looking at the card already, aren't you? Why am I boring you with details like that? Go on, there she is!

Playing a different way than most level 6 characters, Missiz Freezz knows how to reward the more tactical players among you. What's more, she's the first Krosmaster that can place a marker on an ally… and what a marker! An Icy Armor like you'd only get from the best Smithmagi!


But good news never comes alone…

It's not every day that a figurine of Freezz's calibre sees the light of day, so we've decided to double down! So a special version of Missiz Freezz will be available as a promotional figurine. She even has an unprecedented name and profile, which has never appeared in any Ankama games!

Allow us to introduce… Missiz Burnzz!

Freezz is a fine tactician, and Burnzz is a dangerous attacker. She also has her own marker that covers an ally in armor, but the effects couldn't be more different! With these two different versions of Missiz available, it's up to you to breath ice and fire across the game boards!

Now you know all of the profiles in Wild Realms… Tell us what you like, and what makes you can't stand! See you soon with more info.