The Wild Realms spoilers keep on coming. This time, it's the turn of this edition's second mechanic to be introduced: Invasion! Back your opponents into corners and make the most of big bonuses...

"Invasion" is the second keyword to show up in Wild Realms, after Tracking. This word appears in a number of attacks during the season and works in the following way:

As long as the unit is located on a cell on enemy territory, you apply the effects shown after the word Invasion.


What is "enemy territory"? These are the first 5 lines, starting from the edge of the board from which your opponent plays. On a classic board of 12×12 rows, this means each player "controls" five rows, and there is a free zone of 2 rows in the middle of the board. By guiding your Krosmaster onto enemy territory, he will gain special bonuses thanks to Invasion.

... Hang on a second. This all seems very familiar! It's as if I'd read this explanation before...

Aha! I thought so! Indeed, this is the same mechanic as we saw for the first time on Coa Gulary's Eternal Deck profile, which we've shown you in the past. We liked the idea so much we decided to adapt it for use with a variety of attacks! What's more, this concept goes hand in hand perfectly with our desire for a more aggressive game, which you'll see come up frequently this season. Here's an example:

However, enemy territory is used for more than just Invasion itself. It also appears on several of the Krosmasters' powers in Wild Realms. These powers will apply to the Krosmasters' profiles generally, rather than to individual attacks. To make it easy to understand for all players, we decided to spell out the need to be standing in enemy territory, rather than reuse the word Invasion, which may lead to confusion.

Now, we (finally) come to our two spoilers of the day, which actually have powers related to this position on the game board:

You will notice how invading enemy territory changes the way both these Krosmasters behave! Inside your camp, Groarg Gamel will move your allies without endangering them, while in the enemy camp, he will became a beater who will tear your enemies to shreds. For his part, the Boowolf will stick to you like glue and you'll have trouble shaking off his Lock and his 2 additional HP, preventing enemy Krosmasters from fleeing far from your team.

The possibilities are numerous, as are your Krosmaster's powers... But we'll talk more about that next time!

GrimackReapum 24 May 2017 16:17
Does the invasion part work before or after the movement of 'Go Fetch'? Like, if they start outside of enemy territory but move in due to the spell movement effect, is the damage calculated before or after they move?
Serenaso 24 May 2017 16:56
As always: effects first, damage later
If you switch position with you ending in opposing territory, damage is +1 even if you were in your/neutral territory when you casted the spell
-Foosninja- 28 May 2017 20:01
Question: Did the team who goes first need another advantage? These new Invasion powers favor the team that pushes forward 1st....and the team that goes first has the first opportunity to do so. Once one team pushes forward and starts the fight, that is generally where most of the fight will take place. So this kind of power favors the team that goes first. In my experience, they already had a pretty big advantage in Kama collecting, board positioning, and DR purchasing. Did they really need another mechanic to make going first a bigger advantage?