Hunti… err, spoiler season is open! Find out more about the new season of Krosmaster – Wild Realms – as well as a new rule that will accompany these figurines

Wabbit hunting! Quaquack hunting! Wabbit hunting! Quaquack hunting! …Spoiler hunting?

Yep, it's time to open the spoiler season, and to unveil the upcoming season of Krosmaster Arena! Starting today, and until its release planned this summer, we're gradually unveiling the new season's figurines to you, as well as their accompanying profiles. And for this first article, we've got quite a few things to show you!

The theme: Wild Realms

The new season goes by the sweet name of Wild Realms. In this season, you'll meet wild barbarians, persistent predators, as well as well as regal lords.

This season is placed under the sign of aggressiveness. Not only will you be rewarded for having taken the fight to the opponent, but also for your impeccable placement on the battlefield. It's not for anyone who's shy!

To do so, we've added two keywords to Krosmaster's rules, which will be found on a variety of profiles. We'll explain one of them to you right now!



"Track" is a keyword that will be found in several of the extension's spells. Its effect is as follows:

If the spell's caster and their target are aligned when the spell is cast, apply the additional effects shown after the word Track.


"Aligned" means that the caster and target are situated on the same row or column of the game board. Range and area-of-effect rules apply as usual.  Just remember one thing: if your victim could be targeted by a spell with range in a straight line, then you meet the conditions to activate Track!

You therefore have some flexibility in how you use your spells with Tracking. For example, this Bwork Archer can settle for attacking his opponents from afar; but, if he's aligned with his target, his attack can become a placement spell or a way to get out of a rather sticky Lock.

In some instances, the bonus achieved using Tracking is powerful, such as with our second spoiler of the day:

The effects of the Miliboowolf's attacks will be dangerous if it's aligned with its target, offering your team a significant control tool. But if it isn't in position to take advantage of this effect, it could still take part in its team's effort by inflicting some damage.

As you've probably figured out, figurines with Track are flexible to use, but if your positioning is carefully calculated, you'll be able to use them to their full potential.

That's all for today, but don't hesitate to visit our Facebook page: the next spoilers will be regularly revealed on it. We'll see you next time with the second Wild Realms keyword and its accompanying Krosmasters!