You want more? Here are a few more profiles, brought up to date by the Eternal Deck! And this time, we're even presenting you a few tournament stars…

This is the third article of our series on the Eternal Deck! After having discovered four Sadidas from all angles and the new face of the Multimen, we're going to look at a few Krosmasters who are considered to be cornerstones in competitive tournaments. Everyone knows their faces and strategies, so let's not waste time introducing them, and let's get to the heart of the matter!

Coa Gulary

Probably one of the most popular level 1's, especially at the game's outset, Coa Gulary has to be considered carefully during this rebalancing.

In reality, we appreciate the fact that such a profile exists: it's powerful, aggressive, and encourages you to get nearer the opponent to attack them. However, Coa Gulary's advantages also work very well in defense, which over time have made her a tool that punishes engagement rather than encouraging it. If an enemy gets too close, she can punish them with an unforgettable smack…

We didn't want to betray this Sacrier's identity, but we wanted to replace her in her original role. Also, the only change to this reworked profile concerns the attack, which will only inflict great damage if she is firmly engaged in the opponent's territory.

Let's take the opportunity to define that term: this area is made up of the first 5 lines, starting from the edge of the board from which your opponent plays. On a classic board of 12×12 rows, this means each player "controls" five rows, and there is a free zone of 2 rows in the middle of the board. This concept is presented on this card for the first time, but it will reappear on other new profiles in the future, since we really like the concept and would like to explore its possibilities…

Coa Gulary must therefore move across the game board without hesitation in order to benefit from her maximum damage, reducing her defensive potential. But once she's in close-combat, boom!


Quentin Flush

Quentin is an interesting case study for us: his profile isn't actually that powerful in reality, but it feels as if he can tip the game's balance. The problem with his attack is that it relies heavily on Heads or Tails, giving it both great variance (between 1 and 4 damage) and the impression of "suffering" from chance, both from the controller's and the opponent's point of view.

After a little tidying up, his attack has been made more stable. It loses power (between 1 and 3 damage only) but will now only have two possible outcomes. With fewer coins to toss, it will be easier to make plans for the damage inflicted and Quentin's remaining HP. Result: fewer unwillingly suicidal assaults!

It should be noted that if he gets the best result from his attack, he'll therefore suffer a penalty making him unable to attack the following turn, which smooths his influence across the match. These "fake cooldowns" are another mechanic that we'll explore in the future, because it's interesting from both a design and strategic perspective.


Di Curey


The changes made to Di Curey are less significant than those of her brethren: her initiative has been increased, and both her attacks now have the same range. However, this change means that it is no longer possible for her to heal herself.

This comes down to our philosophy of healing that evolves over time. Healing is a factor that carries weight when creating profiles, because it can erase certain mistakes and lengthen matches. Also, in the future, we're going to try and limit self-healing characters, especially low-level Krosmasters; if they offer access to healing for a limited investment, they will no longer be able to prolong their life indefinitely.


Luk Ylook


Luk Ylook is probably the best-known placer (as well as the most powerful) in Krosmaster Arena. To be honest, it's thanks to him that the turbo strategy exists! However, his significant positioning ability, combined with his ability to control opponents' AP and MP, have made him a terribly powerful ally, earning him a place on the Boss List.

We do our best to conserve Krosmasters' identities when we revise their profiles. If we remove one or another of Luk's facets, he wouldn't quite be the same any more… So, we decided to make a single change: both his attacks are becoming purple (usable once per target, per turn).

This creates a new playing style for him: he becomes a placer/controller who must divide his efforts between several Krosmasters. Concentrated on a single target, his abilities were too strong; divided across the team, they become more balanced. Luk will therefore find a role of his own, while other placers will be able to coexist alongside him by specializing in other facets.


Anna Tommy

You're probably closely scrutinizing this image to look for the differences between this version of Anna Tommy and the previous one… Don't strain your eyes: there are none!

Anna has a design that is both balanced and interesting. She's a solid character who opens up possibilities in terms of teams and strategies if the player is prepared to invest 3 levels, but whose use comes hand-in-hand with careful consideration: correctly using Anna is generally the sign of a player who is relatively experienced in the game.

We consider Anna to be a good example of what a Krosmaster profile should aspire to be, both in terms of gaming possibilities and intrinsic power. Giving her additional powers would have made her too powerful, but planing down her current possibilities would only have weakened the game. That's why – come hell or high water – Anna Tommy isn't changing whatsoever in this new version of the profile.


You're starting to get a good idea of what the Eternal Deck is, but there are still more profiles to discover! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks so you can meet the Krosmasters who are still unaccounted for! :-)