Let’s continue our discovery of the new OVA Pack’s content. We’ve met the heroes, now make way for their villainous opponents with 4 new profiles!

This is our second and last part of our reveal of the Wakfu series-inspired OVA Pack! Last time, you had the opportunity to meet our heroes, now it’s time for their opponents to shine. Four Krosmasters making a dangerous 12 points team…


Let’s start with the leader of this improvised bunch of misfits: Ush, one of the many sons of the god Ecaflip. An agile and dangerous fighter armed with two swords, who will make your opponent regret their decisions if they let him get a bit too close…


Remington, on the other hand, uses a very different tactic: he likes to stay at a distance and shower his opponents with incessant fire, before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Don’t count on a Rogue to be the shining hero on the frontline… he’s not paid enough for that!


Percimol, controlled by one of Ush’s Fleaflea, is probably not even conscious of his presence on the battlefield. But his opponents sure won’t forget he’s here! Quick, nimble, and using his hammer in a terrifying manner, he’ll know how to use his speed to take down his unlucky victims.


And finally, to complete the team, here’s Maskemane, also under the control of a Fleaflea. A little Masqueraider who may not look like much, but has more than one trick in his sleeve…

Indeed, you will able to get two more masks (*) for Maskemane by competing in official tournaments. The mask on the original figurine is removable and can be replaced by one of the two new masks at will! And of course, both of them come with their own profile, as seen below:

You now know everything about the content of this new pack! Of course, you may mix and match these new heroes with your collection to create new and deadly teams. We’re curious to see what you will make out of these guys! :)

* These masks are not provided in the OVA Pack, but are distributed at tournaments or during Krosmaster events.

Comments (37) Comment on the forum...
WhoDatt 24 February 2017 16:12
Cool, can't wait to get these in the year 2018 a year after the rest of the world has moved on to Season 5. But how about that online update? Got any news people are actually asking for?
MRCollier 24 February 2017 19:31
Yay more tournament exclusive stuff to mess shit up for those who don't play competitively, I get resin tokens and terrain, they don't have a gameplay effect but Christ on a cracker why lock playable content away from willing paying customers behind a tournament wall, I won't be flying anywhere to do a tourney to get the masks, so I'll give some dude on eBay my money to get them, the same money I would have gladly given your company to sell them to me in the first damn place, your loss his gain I guess.
Thorok 24 February 2017 20:17
Will there be an opportunity to win masks at PAX East?
Traston 24 February 2017 20:33
It would be really cool to be able to provide tournament exclusives to people that don't have the opportunity. Those masks look fun!! I'm not sure how you would accomplish it, but it would be cool.
Atticor 24 February 2017 21:33
The Remington has a really cool design have to say that, but Ush seems like a nice nerfed Julith just with earth dmg and a OP-Power. And Persimol... i'm not thatsure about him, but essentially a 3drop with 5 MP and a standart Attack as AOE and 11HP? And Itty-Bitty and armor and Chance? This is easily the strongest standalone lvl3 Krosmaster. And why does the normal Maskemane not have the Power? It doesn't make a difference, but still.
And ankama can't you make some decisions like "we're going to update the online game in the xxxx Month" or "we'll begin working on the Update at xxxx/after xxxx is finished" Seriously.
WarpYarik 24 February 2017 22:15
Why does Psichopath have no power? It looks more like a mistake... Shouldn't he have Masquerade???
Oamoka 25 February 2017 00:36
The Psychopath Mask cannot easily be removed by the wearer - in the comics, Maskemane can't remove it once he puts in on and nearly kills his own allies. One of his allies manages to snatch it off his face when he freezes up after fatally injuring someone he actually sort of likes.
WarpYarik 25 February 2017 14:11
Ush seems overpowered...
AlexianAnder 15 March 2017 20:41
Well, we are receiving the new OVA pack in Europe, and all them comes without Code Online.... is it a joke? can we start to be SERIOUSLY worried about the Krosmaster Online's future?? a great release like this shouldn't be so sad too....
WhoDatt 16 March 2017 17:46
Called it. Told ya, they are out. It's only a matter of time before Dewit comes on here to announce the closing of the online part of Krosmaster.