In 2017, many new releases will enrich the Krosmaster collection. Let’s have a sneak peek at those future products, just to give you a taste of what’s to come…


This year, we will be able to finalize a number of projects we’ve been working on for a while and which are dear to our hearts.

We’ve been quiet about our future Krosmaster releases until now, but we feel like now’s the time to unveil our new products for the year to come. Get ready, we have quite the show for you!

Warning! Dates given for every product are only approximations. As soon as official release dates have been confirmed, we will communicate them to you.


March: Wakfu OVA Pack

A new pack of 6 figurines coming straight from the Wakfu series’ second OVA! With these new figurines, you will experience the duel between our heroes and Ush’s team of villains inside the Ecaflip dimension like never before. This pack will provide your teams with new versions of Yugo, Percimol and Remington Smisse, but also the brand new Ush, Atcham and Maskemane!


April: Eternal card deck


With the arrival of the two official tournament formats, Eternal and Season, Krosmaster Season 1 will get rebalanced in order to give your figurines new life! Thanks to this pack of 82 cards, you will have access to new tournament-legal profiles for more than 50 season 1 Krosmasters. Time to dust off your collection!


June: Krosmaster Arena Season 5

The new season of Krosmaster blindboxes are getting ready for arrival. However, no more cemeteries or undead monsters: this new season will be wild, hairy, sneering, clawing, biting and… sticky? With 16 new figurines, including one much anticipated community request, you’ll be rocketing from surprise to surprise with every box…


Second half of 2017: Gobbowl

Krosmaster’s family gets even bigger with this entirely new game that reeks of sweat, blood and brutal sports! The World of Twelve’s favorite team sport will be the newest addition to our board games selection. You’ll see gobbowls flying around in the next few months…


Second half of 2017: Krosmaster Arena season 6

Wait? Two seasons in the same year? Well yes! That’s the objective we have set for ourselves. 16 additional Krosmasters in blindboxes will join the Krosmaster collection. The theme of this season? We’ll keep the secret for now… You have plenty enough to discover in the meantime.
So, what do you think? Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback in the comments below. And for those of you who would like to know more about the new profiles that come with these figurines, don’t worry… you won’t have to wait very long. ;)


Comments (43) Comment on the forum...
TheRoo003 03 February 2017 16:49
The six pack looks great, all the characters I wanted miniature of smile
AluisioCSantos 03 February 2017 17:38
Looking great!! Loking forward to all of it.
Rimtec 03 February 2017 19:28
"Second half of 2016: Krosmaster Arena season 6" -So, Season6 is already out!
Telphia 03 February 2017 22:37
I'm not even sure where to get Season 4 stuff...
Hmmmvot 04 February 2017 00:58
When will proper community management and decent distribution policy be announced?
Vragar 04 February 2017 07:53
Great planning [Dewit]. I really hope that you can keep Your projects into the preventivated dates. New stuff sounds very interesting (I hope that the most anticipated pièce from community requests Will be Missiz Frizz, even if she doesn't seem hairy, wild and... Sticky...).

Keep in mind that if you need help with the italian translations for cards, I'm at disposal.

See you soon.
swtchbldbndt 04 February 2017 18:57
When will the US see decent support/distribution? When will the online game be updated? When will the US ever get season 4? How can Akama release another season when the majority of the world hasnt received the previous season? Where the hell is duel pack three?? When will the online version be updated to the current rules/DRs/boss list/ban list????

These are the questions we WANT answered, not teasers for more stuff we wont even be able to get for another 2 years. Zero releases in the US FOR A YEAR, besides 2.0 (which might I add you can only find in major cities if youre very lucky). That means we will be missing two seasons and the updated season one cards, how is anyone expected to compete with France if they can't get up to date figs!?!

Its becoming very clear Ankama doesnt give a shit about the players around the world that help get the game to its level of popularity about a year ago, only new players and their home land of France. I havent seen a booster box for sale in the US in a fucking year, this is just terrible business practice plain and simple. Dropping your game from a lesser known company that was selling it at a growing rate and giving it to one with a global presence, but dont release anything unless its in France/ some of EU. Screw the rest of the world right?

It neat to see there's still new things in development, just sad that Ankama had to choose to hoard it all to themselves.

Oh and dont forget assholes.

Todiloo 04 February 2017 21:18
Just give me the sourcecode and I will implement 2.0 rules for you. You seem a bit busy.
KylitoBandito 05 February 2017 16:05
Maybe a 3.0 for w3 withers elely and flopin?
KylitoBandito 05 February 2017 16:05