We won’t tell you how many cups of coffee were drunk, or how neurons were burned during the contest’s deliberation.  What we will tell you, however, is who won it!

Here we go! Since we first launched our map creation contest, we have received 75 different entries. 75 maps that required understanding, analyzing and testing… After further deliberations, we’ve reduced that number to 8 contestants, then 4, 3, and finally 2.

The last two entries selected were “The broken map”, by –jabb-, and “Sadida’s Swamp” by stivariss. It was very difficult for us to choose between these two maps, as both had pros and cons at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, and both some really fascinating qualities.

But in the end, there can be only one… We can now announce it:


The winner of our Map creation contest is

“Sadida’s Swamp”

By Stivariss

Let’s get him a round of applause!

This map will be used for the competitive future of Krosmaster (we have yet to determine where and when), after maybe a few tweaks from our game designer.

Why did we select this map, amongst all the others? We were seduced by the simplicity of its mechanic, which ended up incredibly easy to use during our tests; this mechanic neither intrusive nor mandatory, and players could either use it at its full potential or play around it if they wish to do so. It opened many opportunities for teams that want to initiate combat. These were the qualities we were looking for in a competitive map.

For those of you who didn’t win the contest: don’t be sad! There were some impressive ideas amongst your entries, and it was a heartbreak every time we had to discard some of them, but the rules of this contest were set in stone. We sure hope you will be this good the next time we will call upon your creativity!
Rena341 21 November 2016 23:16
Can we know what the rules for this map were?
WarpYarik 22 November 2016 09:23
for me it seems like a stolen idea from the "foggernaut city" map
Oanhanhon 22 November 2016 10:35
GrimackReapum 23 November 2016 17:26
Rena341|2016-11-21 23:16:19Can we know what the rules for this map were?

What's the yellow zone. Is it a swamp with MP-detracting abilities or...?
Kokwak 23 November 2016 22:38
Rena341|2016-11-21 23:16:19Can we know what the rules for this map were?

Special rule :
All krosmasters have the spell "Push-tree". This spell ignores the rule "unfazed" for the trees. Trees can only be pushed from a muddy cell (yellow) to another muddy cell.

push-tree, 1AP 1MP (range : fist)
Pushes 1 target tree, moves 1 closer to target tree.

WarpYarik|2016-11-22 09:23:31for me it seems like a stolen idea from the "foggernaut city" map

(I am stivariss)
First : no, I had this idea (and showed it to other persons) before the "foggernaut city" map was posted.

Moreover I don't think this idea - although I had it - is very original. During this contest we were two to have this kind of idea (pushing trees), it could have been more. Think about all the maps using zaaps : I don't think that one day, one person had this idea, and since this day all the other people stole the idea. I rather think that it's a pretty common idea and several persons had it from themselves, without seeing the other maps with zaaps. And the implementation of this idea (zaaps) is very different from one map to another (different rules and different map configurations), and it makes important differences between good zaap maps and bad zaap maps.
The idea to push trees is not very original (it does not aim to), and I suppose the jury liked the whole concept (idea + implementation). I hope you will enjoy it too smile.
GrimackReapum 27 November 2016 21:31
Where did you get the inspiration for moving trees? Because if think of 'moveable objects', the last thing that springs to mind is a tree laugh 
KylitoBandito 27 November 2016 23:47
Cool. I thought there could be a map where you rescue animals and not kill them for quest....
KylitoBandito 01 December 2016 16:20
Krosmaster quest*