It’s another class of undead entirely that we will introduce today: the Master Vampire is heading to Cemetery Park! And he brings with him a peculiar token that we will explain in great details…

Not all Krosmaster from our newest season are old, gross, or even decomposed! There’s one of them who’s spared this fate and wears Eternity like a fancy cape: the Master Vampire. Discover his powers by looking at the card below:

A whole un-life to perfect his physique has given this new Boss a remarkable mobility on the battlefield. Imagine Cléophée’s swiftness, except with a much longer range! It will be hard to escape from his clutches. And, as per tradition for blood-sucking creatures, one of his attacks steals health.

But what’s all about the “Servant” marker mentioned on the card? I’m glad you asked! Here it is:

Special markers like these are one of the concepts introduced in the new season. By using some attacks, Krosmasters may put a specific marker on another Krosmaster’s card. Markers don’t have any effect by themselves, but each Krosmaster who uses them have a power which indicates their influence on the victim.

One important thing to note is that Krosmasters only have one marker to use. This doesn’t concern the Master Vampire too much, as his attack can be used only once per game! But picture a Krosmaster whose “marker attack” can be used each turn: in this case, the marker will move from target to target, without duplicating itself. You won’t contaminate the whole opposing team with a single vampire! Finally, markers are removed from the game once their controller is KO’d.

Flying swiftly around the arena, the Master Vampire can only have one slave at his service… Choose wisely! 

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