Spoilers coming from the newest Krosmaster season are starting to rain! Today, we will have a look at the Monk family, its powers, and its grumpiest member…

Spoiler season has officially begun! You may have already seen a strange sewer rat and a long-ranged skeleton, but this new series of figurines still has a bunch of surprise in store for you. Including today’s spoiler: a member of the Monk family.

None of us really know if the residents of the Messaround Monastery qualify as undead, but their incredibly old age gives them the benefit of the doubt! And they are more than qualified to fill the “horror” quota required to be in a season called Beyond the Grave…

Monks have something in common with the monster tribes of Season 3: they all have the same power. Like Dreggons or Kanniballs, they will increase their strength if played together. Let’s have a look at Friar Tubs’ card to illustrate what we’re talking about:

Friar Tubs is a stubborn, grouchy, and unsubtle person. He’s a short-range character with the ability to help others (and himself) with a combined healing and MP-boosting spell. An all-around solid Krosmaster!

But have a look at his power: if any allied monk KOs an opposing Krosmaster, every single Krosmaster on your team gets +1 AP and +1 MP! A powerful bonus that can lead to some daring tactics. And if another brother of the Monastery does it before Friar Tubs, he can use the bonus immediately to hit twice with his main attack!

But the more seasoned players amongst you are already asking: what if there’s more than one Monk in your team? Quite simple: each of them has the same power, and each of them are activated independently… So if you have 3 monks in your team and one of them finishes an opponent’s Krosmaster, that’s a net bonus of +3 AP and +3 MP for your whole team!

Monks are going to be precious allies on the Arena, together or separately, with a variety of attacks at their disposal. And they still hide a few surprises under their robes…


You just got a spoiler, but the next one is already waiting! And you get to vote for which Krosmaster will be revealed next!

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