The Boss list and Ban list are being updated. Find out what has changed here!

And now, a word from our game designer, [Nuuh].

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been on these forums. I’ve came back today to talk you about the two restriction lists: the Boss list and the Ban list.

First of all, let’s have a little retrospective on the Boss list’s history. When we first introduced the concept, we were rather confident, both on its principle and on the selection of characters that we made. And today, we’re satisfied of the impact it had on the metagame and how quickly it was assimilated by the community. National Championships have shown a varied metagame, and this year’s first QT show us a satisfying variety as well, comforting us in the choices we made.

The Boss list will evolve along with the new releases, changing and adapting to keep the metagame varied and diversified. Today, we will update it for the first time.

We have decided that the Boss list will be updated every 4 month starting now; however, some updates may not change the Boss or Ban list at all if the situation is stable. The next update will happen around mid-September.
Let’s see what this first revision is offering!


Theo is now banned

Theo leaves the Boss list and joins Klor Ofil in her exile. There’s several reasons for this:
  • When it comes to game design, Theo reduces too much the design space available. To explain further: when comes the time to create a new character, we start by making a base profile who must meet certain criteria depending on what role we’re aiming for that character. Once we’re satisfied, we need to test and monitor its interaction with other figurines.
    Theo forces us to abandon many ideas or mechanics that could have seen the light of day without his existence. It’s one of the profiles that “weights” the most on the entire game design process, and we have been considering his removal for several months now.
  • In terms of efficiency, even though he doesn’t dominate the game, we don’t like his influence on the whole team’s strategy, nor is ability to heal himself easily mid- or late-game after allowing a violent push early on.

Poochan is added to the Boss list

Similar to Theo, Poochan influences greatly the design space for future figurines. However, we didn’t want to ban her right out of the gate.

We think that a character that costs so little while having an immense capability for placement must be an important choice when it comes to team building, by taking the Boss slot of the team. We want the players to choose between one of the best placers of the game and a very efficient character (a Boss) as the leader of their team.

This comes together with the philosophy that lead us to put both Luk Ylook and Henual in the Boss list, as they are incredibly efficient support for their small cost in levels.
Furthermore, this will shake up the player’s habits which more often than not included her in their team without a second thought. A great example of the kind of dynamic Boss can add to the game.


Yugo – Young King leaves the Boss list

The presence of this character on the Boss list was essentially due to his incredible synergy with Theo. With the departure of the latter one, we think that Yugo’s return as a non-Boss character will go smoothly.
That’s it for this update. These changes will be applied to tournaments starting June 1st. The next revision of this kind should be published around mid-September.

The Boss list is destined to evolve. Every change we make to it is always a risk, of course, but keep in mind that the number of games we play to test those changes are lower than the amount that you, as a community of players, can make. The place where the real test will happen is between your hands.

The Boss list gives us the possibility of applying temporary and reversible changes. We will try, in the future, to apply the Boss tag right out of the gate on less character, so we don’t condemn them to a perpetual struggle against other Krosmasters from the Boss list.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about the characters who may see their status change in the future, depending on our internal development and the results of tournaments to come:
  • Poochan is still under high scrutiny. We will keep a close look to the changes brought by her addition to the Boss list, and see if this measure was enough.
  • Julith is also watch closely. We want to see if the metagame will be able to absorb her once she’s made available to a larger number of players.

Finally, I want to remind you that the Boss list is here to balance and maintain diversity in the interest of competitive play. At home, between friends, or even in tournaments made for fun, feel free to be creative and play the game as you want. You’re having fun playing Cardboard Tube Samurai with your friend? Keep doing it and enjoy yourself!

As a conclusion, here’s an updated list of restricted characters, for an easy future use:

Current Ban list:

Goldenrod Terminatot
Klor Ofil

Current Boss list:

Black Crow
Ghett Outadier
Kitty Rage
Luk Ylook

See you soon in another tournament!