You probably know what a Krosmaster tournament is like in real life. But this particular tournament will be online! Get the best progression in ranked play in a week and you may win virtual Krosmasters!


For the first time since its official release, we will hold an official tournament in Krosmaster Arena online! You will compete for virtual prizes with your computer or tablet. But just because you’re sitting comfortably at home doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy: you will have to prove yourself in ranked play for a whole week…
The rules are the following:

  • On April 18th, a new ranked season will begin, and the ranks will be reset. The tournament will run for a whole week at this, from Aprils 18th at noon (Paris time) to April 25th at noon.
  • During this time, we will measure the player’s progression in ranked play, meaning the difference between its position at the beginning of the season and at the end of the tournament. Even if a player doesn’t make it to the Elite rank, we will be able to track their progression.
    • If there’s an equality at the end of the week, we will use the win rate of the players during that same period of time.
  • This event is separated by community, and only members of a given community will be taken into account in that community’s results, without interference from the others.
Once the event concludes, the best players will receive the following prizes:
  • From 1st to 4th place: Wakfu, Stasis and Goldenrod Terminatot virtual figurines, 10 standard Krosboxes.
  • From 5th to 10th place: Wakfu, Stasis and Goldenrod Terminatot virtual figurines, 5 standard Krosboxes.
  • From 11th to 20th place: Wakfu and Stasis Terminatot virtual figurines, 3 standard Krosboxes.

Warm up your teams, rethink your strategies, and get ready to brawl! We hope to see you on Monday when the tournament begins!