He’s young, handsome, buff and not afraid to put his hand in his wallet! No, wait a minute... Sorry, that’s a different hero. Let’s start again. Uh, he’s not really very handsome. He’s pretty ancient. And six-packs aren’t really his thing (apart from the pack name!). And, well... he’s an Enutrof. But you’re bound to love him! Ruel has split himself into six for your enjoyment, and that’s barely enough!

Surprise! As an addition to the Chafers and ancient Ghouls from Season 4, a new pack of six Krosmaster figurines will soon be released: six versions of Ruel, both a real treat to behold and to play with! There will be a Ruel for every level and in a range of looks, meaning you’ll be able to use the character to your advantage in many, many different teams. He’s here, there and everywhere; it’s enough to make even Yugo jealous...

The figurines are still being designed, but we can already give you an overview of our favorite Enutrof’s multiple skills!
One cannot teach an old Ruel-monkey new tricks! He'll play around with you for a while and then vanish... As a matter of fact, this monkey's speciality is doing acrobatics and jumping over set pieces on the board!
Daggers will be drawn if anybody asks Ruel for a kama. Vampyro only made a slight tweak to his basic instincts... Swift and dangerous, he gets faster the richer your opponents are!
In his youth, Ruel was known to get up on stage from time to time and sing for his supper. When his voice broke... well, folks made a break for it as well. Who is gonna get away this time?!

Even after he passed away to the Other Side, you won't get rid of Ruel so easily... Well, we can't really get mad at him for that. He's being spiritual, for once! 

Ruel will do anything to support his favorite Gobbowl team. It’s still a bit weird that he looks so good dressed as a cheerleader... A support Krosmaster like no other (luckily!).

If you pick on his friends, it’ll make Ruel’s blood boil and he’ll merge with his Drheller Kamasu Tar, transforming into an incredibly bad-tempered monster. 

With this Ruel six-pack, your opponents are gonna end up six feet under...

Soon to appear in the Shop... unless the ship carrying it goes down on its way here!