Discover the new Krolossium mode and all the new content of patch 1.9.0!

The following changes have been added with patch 1.9.0:


A new game mode has been added to the game: the Krolossium! It will replace Tournament mode from now on.
Krolossium’s rules are as follows:
  • You can start a new Krolossium every 24 hours.
  • When you begin a Krolossium, you will temporarily receive 20 random Krosmasters. Those are the only characters you will be able to use for the duration of the Krolossium. Krosmasters are selected through the entire existing cast: you will be able to play with them even if you don’t own them in your collection.
  • You must compose a team with these Krosmasters. All the team building rules are still applicable. You will be able to modify your team between two games if you desire to.
  • A full Krolossium will last 4 matches. You will be able to play it until the end even if you happen to lose a match.
  • You will fight other Krolossium players. As opposed to the Tournaments, both players aren’t required to have won the same number of games to fight each other. Every Krolossium contestant is a potential opponent!
  • If no opponents is available in a reasonable amount of time, you will be paired with a Ranked player instead.
At the end of your 4 matches, you will receive a reward proportional to your success. It will contain a random assortment of Kroz, fragments or even whole Krosmasters!

Training mode

A new option is available in the Arena menu: it is now possible to train with your current team. Two modes are available:
  • Train against a simple AI-controlled team.
  • Train against inactive Krosmasters. They have been selected for their range of powers (Unfazed, Resistance, Krobust, etc.) to let you try your attacks against them.
All Krosmaster rules still apply during a training session.


  • All Tournament’s achievements have been altered to now concern the Krolossium. This way, previously acquired achievements won’t be lost.
  • Krolossium will fulfill all achievements that were previously linked to Tournaments, including daily objectives.


  • Matchmaking: the system which paired players together has been tweaked. From now on, matches will be more balanced regarding the skill level of players.
  • Stain: correction of bug linked to this power while Malee Buhrum is moving. Traps will now correctly affect her, and she will no longer remove a crate’s bonus.