Discover the new figurines added with patch 1.8.4.

Patch 1.8.4 contain the following changes:

New Krosmasters

8 new Krosmasters have been added to the game. These characters come from the movie DOFUS Book I – Julith:
  • Julith
  • Bakara
  • Jahash
  • Grampy - Protector
  • Khan Karkass
  • Joris - Swashbuckler
  • Lilotte
  • Marline
These Krosmasters can be found in standard Krosboxes and (newly added) Season 4 Krosboxes, or obtained by recycling. 

Bug fixes

  • Grougaloragran:
    • His AP stat will now be displayed as “- AP” instead of “0 AP”.
    • He will correctly benefits from elemental damage boost from Demonic Rewards.
    • When used with Shadow, the latter will correctly gain a “Staff” area of effect on his Cartilage spell.
    • When used with Darkli Moon and Darkness Knight, the latter will benefit from the former’s power and give 2 GG less when dying.
  • Phaeris: his power will no longer affect Turrets.
  • Srammy: his power will now correctly work when he’s attacked by a Krosmaster who’s removed from the game while casting his spell.