Second of our three-part overview of Krosmaster Arena’s new base set, in which we will talk about Demonic Rewards and new maps contained within the box!


Let’s continue our exploration of Krosmaster Arena’s new base set! Last time, we talked about the new Krosmasters and the various rules modification. And now, let’s get straight to the thing you’re all waiting for…

New Demonic Rewards

After a few years of existence and thousands of matches, it’s quite clear that Demonic Rewards have a major impact on the game. Some of them are able to secure a win if they’re activated at the right moment, while others are underappreciated and rarely used by the players… An important rework was due. So much that only 2 Demonic Rewards from the original set are still in the new one!

Which means the box will contain 60 new Rewards (well, actually, 58!): 30 Granite DR, 20 Jade and 10 Silver, the latter replacing the Gold grade of DR and costing only 9 kamas. They will be divided in piles of 10 DR each, in order to show the players 3 Granite, 2 Jade and only 1 Silver. It’s still possible to buy face-down rewards, of course.

Our objective was to make new DR easier to use and beneficial to a greater number of Krosmasters, but also less powerful in order to avoid the dreaded “I draw, I win” situation. As a result, damage bonuses will be less important, but resistance and healing as well; permanent items are now confined to the most expensive type of DR, and many weapons can be used only once per turn.

On the flipside, we have created interesting and fun new things which will open new tactical options to the players. Here’s a sample: a DR present multiple times in the set, new spells to be used once and discarded, a DR which allow the Krosmaster to throw bombs, buffs affecting two elements at once…

A new category of DR has also been added to the set: Techniques. They’re bought and used like other rewards, but don’t take any slot once they’re activated. What they do is adding a new secondary effect… to the Krosmaster’s Punch attack! And if you activate more than one Technique on the same character, their effects are cumulative! You can create funny and effective combos with the right use of this stuff.


New Maps

Whenever there’s a new set, there’s maps to come with it. Taking on the legacy of the two original maps, the Elemental Arena and The Pit, we have included two new maps with entirely new game design. They’re no slouch on the graphical side of things, as these two superb maps represent a crossroad and a marketplace of Bonta. Take a look!

These maps comes with cardboard set pieces, which have been given a large amount of details as well. Instead of trees, you will find market stalls, and bags of goods in place of bushes; even the crates have been given a unique look for each of them!

More! More!

More? Now you’re getting greedy! We still have a few things to tell you about the box. So we’ll see you next time for the third and last part of this preview. In the meantime, have fun!