On January 10, the Meridia Troma will put your speed to the test. And if your legendarily fast reactions pass the test, you’ll be showered with exclusive offers! Get ready to pounce like a Bow Meow on a Moumouse, because it’ll all kick off faster than a Cra arrow from a Cra bow!

Very soon, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of not just one, but several exclusive flash deals! Under the auspices of the day of speed, we’ve decided to put yours to the test! Keep your eyes peeled, because it seems that several cut-price figurines will appear in the shop in the blink of an eye. During this entire day, you’ll have a chance to seize numerous bargains. But watch out: these amazing deals will only be on offer while stocks last or for a limited time only!

So keep your eyes open, because there won’t be enough for everybody. Get one while stocks last!

It just remains for us to wish you faster reactions than a Sadida who’s only had 18 hours of sleep...