Slip into your most beautiful set and rehearse your Bow Meow bows, because it is open the Clockwork Ball! To mark the occasion, a special Krosbox will be on sale in your Shop up to and including January 3, for the price of 800 Ogrines. Get your hands on it now!


Each year, on Javian 1, every Xelor dresses up to the nines. For Xelors, more than any other inhabitant from the World of Twelve, this day is of prime importance! Because it was on the 1st of January, many years ago, that their god created his famous clock and the measurement of time first began.

In order to celebrate this wondrous invention a ball takes place every year. So that’s when everybody warms up, does a couple of stretches and heads for the dance floor! And make sure you keep good time, because otherwise the Xelors will have to set the clock back!

And special events like this merit special offers, don’t they? To celebrate the invention of Xelor’s clock in style, a new Krosbox is making its appearance. In it you will find:
  • Count Frigost: the crazy, superfast and aggressive version of Count Harebourg.
  • Count Harebourg: a powerful Xelor who uses mechanical owls to dominate the battlefield.
  • Henual: this Xelor increases the potential of his allies using his AP-boosting spell, Devotion.
  • Mike Lo >Tiktokovitch: a Zelor with a penchant for striking from a distance–nobody is safe from him.
  • Nox: mage and master of time who is perfect at crushing his enemies from a distance.
  • Or Raul Bak: he doesn’t pull his punches and excels at tying his enemies in knots by draining their AP.

This Krosbox is available for the price of 800 Ogrines from your Shop*.
Get your hands on it now!

*Please note that players with a Steam account must purchase this Krosbox from the in-game Shop so that their purchase is credited to the right account.