Not always sure of your strategy? So, have confidence in your figurines and give them free rein! How? Easy, up until December 11, a “white” Krosbox is free with any order of 10 Krosboxes!


Not only is the Krosbox white, but so is the figurine it contains! This was a decision by Ingmar, Meridia of the Color White, who is responsible for watching over the day of December 8. So this is why Srammy, the Royal Gobball, Bonta Riktus, Qilby, Boo Ming, Arty and Count Frigost come dressed exclusively in an immaculate white outfit.
Each of them is presented in one of these special Krosboxes: for each basket of 10 Krosboxes purchased, you receive a “white” Krosbox for free! And what does it contain? It’s all down to chance...
If clothes do not make the man, perhaps the colour of them makes the fighter...
This offer is valid from today, and up to Friday December 11, 23:59!
*1 for every pack of 10 purchased, 2 for a pack of 20, etc.