An Ankama newcomer, and the latest in the Games series, King Tongue is being rolled out today on tablets and smartphones! Do you wanna break stuff up and go bananas? Well your future is looking peachy... This retro-style arcade game which blends fast-paced action and demented combos could have been made for you!

Banana King’s Kingstarter has reached new heights, so a Bananarmy has indeed been called up (and one without added sugar)! Thanks go to all you Bananabackers out there! (Anyway, you can still find descriptions there of the bananas you’ll face next as well as being able to sign up to the newsletter, the YouTube channel and share on social networks.)
But, before we get ourselves in a jam, the time has come to scare all those rampaging bananas out of their skins! To play King Tongue, first download the game from:

Google Play (soon)
Windows Store (soon)

Once you swing into action with King Tongue, you’ll be hooked!

In fact, the ultimate goal relies on a good old-fashioned high score, so stack up those bananas and get to the top of the leaderboard! Then you can splurge it round the social networks and challenge your friends...
Don’t get left hanging!